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Oklahoma State Daily Roundup: 10/1/12

No second guessing from OSU coaches and a look at at the Big 12

Brett Deering - Getty Images

Oklahoma State football: Cowboy coaches will not second-guess decisions |

There were a lot of situations in the Texas game that could have been approached differently. The Oklahoma State coaching staff is well aware of that, but says there will be no second guessing. Still, this article takes a look at some of the game's key decisions and examines what could have happened. It's definitely an interesting read for those armchair quarterbacks out there.

John Klein: OSU-Texas highlights Big 12's depth | Tulsa World

John Klein makes a good point in this article -- the Big 12 is stacked. It hasn't been this good since 2008, in my opinion. K-State, West Virginia and Texas are all top 10-caliber teams. TCU, OU and OSU are right behind with the potential to play at that level. Dig a little deeper and see that Texas Tech is greatly improved, and Iowa State and Baylor are no longer guaranteed wins. Kansas is the only weak team in this conference, and it may make for some crazy situations in late November.

Big 12 weekend rewind: Week 5 - Dallas Colleges Blog - ESPN Dallas

ESPN Big 12 writer David Ubben was at the game in Stillwater on Saturday, so he has been talking all about the Pokes recently. In this week's rewind, there are multiple mentions of Oklahoma State. It would have been nice to see Joseph Randle get an honorable mention for offensive player of the week, but with the crazy numbers the WVU-BU shootout produced, his exclusion is understandable. Worth a read and always gives a good perspective about what's going on throughout the Big 12.