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2012 OSU FOOTBALL, 1ST QUARTER REVIEW: Cowboys still in good position to defend.

Stay tuned folks...Pistol Pete can still fly high over the Big 12.

Brett Deering - Getty Images

Don't go anywhere folks.

This season is FAR from over.

And Oklahoma State is in REALLY good position.

Win out, have Texas lose one more game.

That's all it takes.

For those of you who might scoff at this...

  • Tell me UT isn't likely to lose one more game?
  • OSU can't beat any team left on the schedule?
Didn't say it would be easy, but when the Longhorns lose one more contest, the Cowboys will be in the driver's seat. The games to get past are WVa at home, Kansas State in Manhattan, and Oklahoma in Norman. Tall order, but with undeniably the best offense in the conference and 2 freshman QB's who will do nothing but improve, it is far from improbable. In fact, I would say it is more likely than improbable.

If we look at the games remaining...
  • at comment necessary
  • Iowa State at home...payback central
  • TCU at home...Pachall gone. Not a problem
  • at Kansas's the two game stretch that determines everything
  • West Virginia at home...over/under has to be at least 90
  • Texas Tech at home...after watching OU dismantle them, does anyone doubt we should win?
  • at OU...this game could have same implications as last year
  • at Baylor...this is a dangerous game, if nothing else because their offense seems to be producing and it comes after a big game in Norman. Leaders will need to be present.
Sure, there is a chance that OSU loses at least 1 of those 3 big games, but the Cowboys are also just as likely to win. They will enter all of those games with the superior offense (WVa is close), so what happens with the mistakes and turnovers will probably make the difference, as they have with Arizona and Texas.

Competition for the 2012 Big 12 title is a 5 horse race, and OSU has the best offense of those 5, so there is no reason the Cowboys can't defend. many of you need a reason to root for another Texas loss?