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Big 12 Power Poll Week 7

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The single most scientific way of evaluating a conference known to man: The Power Poll

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Friends, welcome to yet another Big 12 Power Poll. The list get's shaken up a bit this week, and I suspect that trend will continue since conference play is in full swing. Kansas State continues it's run as number one, while West Virginia surprised a few folks, gave Texas the business, and in the process moved up to second. Here's the poll:

King Sam Royal Yachoff Whetsell Total
1) Kansas State 1 1 1 1 3 7
2) West Virginia 2 2 2 2 2 10
3) Texas 4 5 3 4 4 20
3) Oklahoma 3 3 4 5 5 20
5) Oklahoma State 6 4 5 6 1 22
6) Iowa State 5 6 6 3 8 28
7) Texas Tech 7 8 8 8 7 38
7) Baylor 9 9 7 7 6 38
9) Texas Christian 8 7 9 9 9 42
10) Kansas 10 10 10 10 10 50

And here are the well thought out and reasoned votes:


1.KSU Still at the top. Will be until beaten

2.WVU Their offense is as easy ad cracking open a Red Bull

3. ISU The most mercurial/lucky/ opportunistic team in college football

4. UT Time to redeem tough loss in cotton bowl

5. OU Got Lubbock monkey off of they back. Too bad that monkey died of complications from gonorrhea

6. OSU Bye week, cleaned gun an listened to "roping' the wind". Drank Keystone Light.

7. Baylor Bye week, cleaned bible and did not dance. Drank Dr. Pepper.

8. Tech. Fire Tuberville back on

9. TCU They will soon wish they were Kansas

10. KU Weis has stopped coaching the seniors. Thats about right.


  1. Oklahoma State...defensive questions aside, this offense will only be stopped by itself. Nobody else in the conference carries the balanced destructiveness possessed by this unit. If the defense takes it up even slightly, this debate isn't even close. OSU fans need to be paying attention...don't get lazy...cuz this bunch could EASILY run the table...with two freshman QB's. The rest of the conference should be VERY focused on the Cowboys at least thru 2014. Texas will lose again, putting OSU in control of its own destiny. And the loss to UT? That is this year's Iowa State, and it's out of the way.

  2. West Virginia...closest thing to our offense, but as OSU showed the previous week, they still haven't played a decent defense. The fact that Baylor put up 63 on them in Morgantown still bothers me. Really curious to see what the O/U will be for the game in Stillwater.

  3. Kansas State...The old Taco Bell chihuahua continues to make the Wildcats hum, but they need to take care of business against someone with a juggernaut of an offense, or a stout defense. They'll get a decent defense this Saturday at Iowa State. David Ubben stated that OU was back for whipping Tech, and that means Kansas State is really scary for beating OU in Norman. See my OU and Tech comments below. Oh, and for anybody who doesn't like Walsh's throwing motion and ball flight, spend a few minutes watching Klein toss the rock...eegads...

  4. Texas...Oklahoma State and West Virginia exposed the weakness of this team, and it's not David Ash. Manny Diaz needs to make some adjustments, and some of those should be to his scheme, cuz it ain't gettin it done. If OU's defense shows up, UT will have a hard time this weekend with the Sooners. The Horn's are lucky to be 1-1 in the conference, and they WILL lose at least one more game.

  5. Oklahoma...Made a pretty good rebound off the bye week, although they ain't all that after easily dispatching the Red Raiders in Lubbock. Texas will provide a much stiffer test than Tech. And no, David Ubben, OU is not "back" after running over the great pretenders.

  6. Baylor...they get this spot as long as TCU doesn't have Pachall.

  7. Texas Tech...The only thing they are #1 at is getting whipped by somebody with a heartbeat on both sides of the ball. This is what happens when you pick on somebody you "think" is your own size, but you aren't as big as you thought. Ass kicking.

  8. Iowa State...You don't have a heartbeat on the offensive side of the ball, but the way Kansas State plays that may not be necessary if you can keep Optimus Klein in check without totally forfeiting your pass coverage.

  9. TCU...Wow. Unless Patterson pardons Pachall, or the freshman QB grows up FAST, Kansas might have a legitimate shot at winning a conference game this season.

    What did you say? Kansas already lost to TCU? Oh well. As Jesse Jackson says, "KEEP HOPE ALIVE!"

  10. If I were Kansas, I think I'd make a deal to pay Savannah State $1 mill per game, and play them 12 times a year. At least then the Jayhawks would have a shot at a winning record.


1. K State - Klein's stat line looked like a running back's that sometimes threw the ball as a trick play.

2. West Virginia - Hasn't lost yet but they still don't impress me.

3. Texas - I still have them here because their one conference victory is better than anyone's below this point.

4. OU - A lot of people called for an upset in Lubbock. OU took care of business.

5. OSU - Still waiting on a big win. Won't see it for at least three weeks...maybe more.

6. Iowa State - Not really an upset beating a TCU team without its starting QB. But still, did so in convincing fashion.

7. Baylor - The battle for number 7 between Baylor and Tech could go either way, honestly.

8. Texas Tech - Insert herpes joke.

9. TCU - Bad offense before. Even worse now.

That's it.


1) Kansas State - As long as Snyder-zombie keeps them undefeated, they don't move from #1

2) West Virginia - Showed what a dropback passer can do to the Texas defense (thinly veiled Lunt excuse for Texas loss)

3) Oklahoma - OU, UT, OSU are completely interchangeable in these spots

4) Oklahoma State - Kansas practice then some real-ish games

5) Texas - Yes, you beat us and have a better record than us but are below us. I think you guys are lucky you caught us the week you did.

6) Iowa State - Finally a Rhodes freakout!

7) TCU - I guess. God they look bad.

8) Texas Tech - Showing promise, but they aren't there yet

9) Baylor - Baylor

10) Not typing this in anymore


1) KSU- Snydered the shit outta Kansas.

2) WVU- Showed twice as much defense against Texas as they did Baylor, but 2 times zero is still zero.

3) OU- Tech is still tech apparently, but a w is a w.

4) UT- I enjoy the symmetry of ut beating us in devastating fashion, then losing the same way a week later.

5) ISU- Beat a ranked team on the road for the first time since cocaine was considered safe.

6) OSU- Moved up by not playing, funny how that works.

7) TTU- Forgot to show up against OU. Will probably end up losing 3-4 more.

8) TCU- Haven't been plying well all season, finally bit them in the ass.

9) BU- Still gave up 70, still 9th

10) Guess who?

Alright, start calling us pussies, I like to beat it to hatred.

Go Pokes