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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State Versus Kansas

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There is no winner for last game's predictions. Because last week was a bye. And the week before that the refs beat us. Is that bitter? Is that short sighted? Hand me a beer......yes.

Brett Deering - Getty Images

Does anyone else feel like the season hasn't actually started yet? These damn bye weeks are harder on the boys than watching a looping .gif of Jessica Alba almost showing her what-nots over and over again.

To make it worse, the Cowboys are 2-2 and I'm not sure anyone truly knows what type of team they are. A close loss to Texas that should have been a win (thanks to the horrible deep ball defense kickoff coverage game management in the 4th quarter referees) can't really tell us much considering the fact JW Walsh started in place of Wes Lunt. Before that, easy wins against Savannah State and Louisiana didn't explain much and the loss to Arizona seemed to be plagued with countless, uncharacteristic missteps and horrible officiating (the latter seems to be becoming a trend...oh, you thought I was done blaming the refs?).

So where does that leave us?


With our backup QB starting once again.

So yeah, it doesn't look like we are going to learn much this week either.

At any rate, predictions must go on! So let's try to get through this with as much alcohol consumption as possible.

1. Final Score?

2. Total Attendance in Lawrence?

3. Final stats for Joseph Randle?

4. Who will throw more picks this weekend: Brandon Weeden or both of the OSU and KU quarterbacks combined?

5. Which OSU corner (Brown or Gilbert) pulls his head out of his ass first and has decent game?

6. How many sacks for the OSU defense?

7. I might be setting myself up for a hit here but....Uniform combination?

8. Best pickup line for a KU cheerleader?

9. T. Boone got a divorce! What will be King's best maneuver to swoop Madeleine off her feet and ride away with her on a wild horse that she "saved?"