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INSTANT ANALYSIS: Oklahoma State 20, Kansas 14...THAT SUCKED.

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This was NOT a rewind of 2011.

Brett Deering - Getty Images

That really SUCKED.

The coaching SUCKED.

The leadership SUCKED.

The game plan SUCKED.

The play calling SUCKED.

The team's energy SUCKED.

The weather SUCKED.

J.W. Walsh's passing SUCKED.

The offensive line's run blocking SUCKED.

Defensive tackling in the 4th quarter SUCKED.

Gundy's comment about Lunt after the game SUCKED. Seriously?? Exactly what was going to alert you that "we" might need Lunt?

Thank goodness Kansas SUCKED.

Thank goodness Dayne Crist SUCKED. Why on earth do they play Crist over Cummings?

That means Weis SUCKED. (nothing new here)

Quinn Sharp DIDN'T suck. In fact, he won the game. His 70 yard punt flipped the field and gave OSU a short trip for their first score. The only error on him was missing from 52 yards twice (timeout was called by KU a split second before the first miss). He hit 2 other FG attempts that proved to be the difference in the game. He had a TD saving tackle on one kickoff. The penalty for running into the punter sealed the deal.

Charlie Moore's 72 yard catch and run DIDN'T suck, but the KU defense SUCKED wonderfully on that play.

I'll give the Jayhawk defense credit. The game plan was stuff the box and force the Cowboys (ie: Walsh) to beat them throwing, and with the cooperation of Monken, Walsh, and the weather, they came within a horrendous screen pass attempt of pulling it off.

And despite all the SUCKING, OSU still got the W. I'll have more comments about SUCKING Sunday morning, but not sure how much more SUCKING I can write about.

Congrats to Coach Gundy for tying his mentor, Pat Jones, (in the SUCKIEST way possible) with the most wins in Cowboy football history. Gundy should break that tie very soon.

As long as OSU figures out how not to SUCK. (hint: bring Lunt back NOW)