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POLL RESULTS: The conundrum that is Big 12 football.

Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Big 12 is making my head spin.

It is so complicated that it is nearly impossible to put together. But let me at least try...

  • Kansas State beats OU in Norman, and helps the Sooners look bad doing it;
  • OU thrashes Tech in Lubbock, and makes the Red Raiders look really bad doing it;
  • OU stomps Texas, who escaped Stillwater with a mildly controversial win, and just lost a close game at home to top 5 West Virginia and Heisman favorite Geno Smith;
  • Top 5 West Virginia and Heisman favorite Geno Smith go to Lubbock and get run out of town by Tech;
  • Kansas State, after dispatching OU, runs over Kansas in the 2nd half, then holds on against Iowa State in Ames;
  • Tech takes care of Iowa State in Ames for an easy win before getting annihilated by OU at home;
  • Iowa State notches a solid win over TCU in their first game without QB Casey Pachall;
  • TCU, in their 2nd game without Pachall, runs all over Baylor, who put 63 on the board at West Virginia in a loss;
  • Oklahoma State, running and passing all over field, even in two losses, rides their worst offensive performance since the end of 2009 AND several minor miracles to escape with a win in Lawrence, yet are a 13.5 pt favorite at home against Iowa State, who beat TCU, took Kansas State to the limit, and is ranked ahead of OSU in almost every poll known to man;
  • Texas, who looked to have turned the corner with QB David Ash and their offense after a win against OSU and a close loss to a very good (we thought?) West Virginia team, gets run into the ground by a team that struggled to beat UTEP and looked horrible losing to Kansas State;
Out of all this, the only two constants are from the state of Kansas. The best and worst teams in the Big 12 reside very close to one another. There is no question about this. Everything else in the middle is one big conglomerated mess of questionable leadership, coaching, and inconsistent play.

But given what has transpired, it would not surprise me if those two programs somehow joined the party of confused identities and schizophrenic juggernauts.

The conference definitely has a chance to restore some order to the universe this weekend.
  • Iowa State @ OSU
  • Texas Tech @ TCU
  • Kansas @ OU
  • Baylor @ Texas
  • Kansas State @ West Virginia
Or maybe not. The only given, I think, is KU-OU. The rest is a crap shoot.

At least it makes the next 7 weeks as entertaining as I can EVER remember, even in the old Big 8.

Given that, answer this question...