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Beginning with this...the "6th play"...Cowboy coaches have gone nearly silent on the state of injuries.

In the end, what does it really accomplish?

Are the OSU coaches really throwing a wrench into an opponent's game plan?

The Cowboys have 2 freshman QB's. Even Gundy admitted before the season that he would blitz the heck out of either. Stuff the run and force the underclassmen to throw to win.

Now the fans and the press are sitting in the dark about the future of this season. Speculation abounds.

Key players are seen going off the field, and no explanation is given as to the nature or expected length of the injury. Jeremy Smith was obviously hurt against Texas and Desmond Roland filled in admirably.

Roland wasn't even on the depth chart for Kansas. Smith had one carry and limped off the field again after blocking on another play.

Glidden, a bright spot returning punts, suddenly vanishes from the depth chart.

Then there is Lunt. Was the injury worse than previously thought? Coaches didn't want to take a chance against a team they thought was easily beaten with backups? Are we having a Robinson/Cate/Weeden type moment from Gundy?

I can guarantee you Iowa State is not THAT concerned about which QB will start. You could throw Chelf out there and Paul Rhoads wouldn't bat an eye. The Cyclones already know what they plan to do.

Meanwhile, the air has been sucked out of the media, and the energy out of the fans.

Neither has much to base any expectations on. The Cowboys have no identity because we don't know who will play at key positions.

Now before you say "Well, you just proved the point you're arguing against," let me clarify. OUR identity of the team is about players. The opponent's identity of our team is about the scheme, and that scheme doesn't change enough depending on the QB to make that big of a difference in how a team prepares for us. The Cowboys spread the field. Walsh might run SOME, so you make a minor adjustment. Lunt is the better passer, but less mobile, so you make a minor adjustment. But in the end, they are both running the same offense.

Gina Mizell from NewsOk had this response to an inquiry about injury info during today's NewsOk power lunch chat:

[Comment From Kevin : ]
Is it difficult to read through the coachspeak when asking about player availability and injury status?

[Comment From MFC-CRFF: ]
The whole "not talking about injuries" thing seems to have put an awkward air on interviews and reporting about the state of the program. What is your take?

Gina Mizell:
It has been an interesting--and sometimes awkward--month covering this program. Definitely a different air. Sometimes it's difficult to gauge what you "can" and "can't" ask. For instance, sometimes a broad question, or a question about a completely different topic, has turned into Gundy speaking about injuries. But then sometimes he won't say anything. Things have absolutely been more closed off to the media since Lunt's injury. Whether or not that is good or bad for the program will depend on who you ask. The hardest thing for me is people continue to ask me about injuries, and I legitimately can't answer those questions sometimes.

So now media and fans alike are left to speculate and start rumors, and human nature is rarely positive in these moments. We like to suspect the negative. Gundy and staff are starting to sound like politicians. Believe me, I know where to go if I want obfuscation.

I understand this decision was probably made by Gundy because he thought it was in the best interest of the program. But seriously coach, if you are that concerned about handicapping the opponent's ability to prepare, then wait til Friday to announce the injury situation for that week. At that point there isn't enough time to institute major adjustments, and the rest of us can settle into a realistic expectation for what might happen on Saturday.

Otherwise I believe you are affecting the media and fan base WAY more than this week's opponent, and we are, to some extent. a part of the program.