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Big 12 Power Poll: Week 8

Much like the conference itself, this weeks Poll goes crazy.


Welcome back, what's up? Around here the only thing that has stayed the same is Kansas State. Everything else is on the move. Let's get right to it:

King Sam Royal Yachoff Whetsell Total
1: Kansas State 1 1 1 1 1 5
2: Oklahoma 2 2 2 2 2 10
3: Texas Tech 3 3 6 3 3 18
4: Texas Christian 5 3 4 8 3 23
5: Iowa State 7 3 3 4 8 25
6: Oklahoma State (tie) 6 3 5 6 6 26
6: West Virginia (tie) 4 3 7 7 5 26
8: Texas 8 3 8 5 7 31
9: Baylor 9 3 9 9 9 39
10: Kansas 10 10 10 9 10 49

First thing, damn it, after 8 weeks Kansas perfect streak is broken. Yachoff, you're too damn nice. And also we suck. Second thing I notice, there are only 13 points separating 3rd and 8th. I can't remember a time the conference has had this much parity. I've concluded there are only two reasons for this happening. Either A: The reforming of the Big 12, (removing the trash Colorado and perennial underachievers MIzzou, Nebraska, TAMU) coupled with the massive new TV deal has created the deepest league in the nation.

Or B: We all suck.

Name another time in the history of the Big 12 Kansas State, Tech, and Iowa State have all been in the top 5, while Texas and Oklahoma State were in the bottom. Can't do it. Crazy year, but makes for interesting games each weekend, which makes it tough on everyone's liver. Which is a lie, we'd all be drinking into an early grave without football, we just wouldn't have the hate.

And as always, time for our in depth and well reasoned thoughts on the conference.


1: Kansas State- Still have to beat WVU, OSU, and Tech, but running the table isn't out of the question. Survived ISU, which can be a dream season killer (fuckers), should have a good shot at it.

2: Oklahoma- Looked so bad for 3 weeks, but have looked really good for two. I suspect they'll lose another to a shitty team (we qualify this year), but need some help since they've lost the tie breaker to KSU.

3: Texas Tech- No really, fucking Tech. They lost bad to OU, but showed they do have a decent defense against WVU. Are they legit? Who the hell knows, but I think any team in the Big 12 can beat any other team this year (Kansas almost proved it), so here they are.

4: West Virginia- After watching them lose to Tech I have concluded that so long as the Red Bull Skullet is running the show, they will be Texas Tech under Mike Leach. Will always, always, have a shit defense, and will try and outscore every opponent. Ask Tech fans how well that worked.

5: Texas Christian- One week ago I thought they were done, but they responded well against Baylor and whooped dat ass. Will they continue? How the hell should I know, but this being a power poll, 5 seams about right.

6: Oklahoma State- Should be 9th, but luckily 7-10 out sucked us this weekend. Seriously, this season has shades of 2005. We'll see how they respond against TCU this weekend, but sadly, I'm not expecting much (especially if Monken is calling plays for Weeden with Zrob running the show)

7: Iowa State- I hate to have em this low, hell they can probably beat us, but have more conference losses than us, so here they go.

8: Texas- God damn if they didn't shit the bed. I'm amazed I didn't expect this. We suck, West Virginia isn't very good, so I don't know why I thought they'd make it a game. Fuckers quit by the end of the first quarter. How can you quit in a rivalry game? Pussies. Too bad Whetsell lost that bet, because he's the only remaining member of the David Ash Heisman club.

9: Baylor- Yup, no RG3, same old Baylor. Welcome home.

10: Kansas- Gave us all we fucking wanted, so glad we won. Sorry boys, if y'all can win anything else this year I'll move you above Baylor.


1. KSU - Barely survived Ames. Does that mean KSU is not as good as advertised or ISU is better?

2. OU - OU playing to re-prove their worth.

3. TECH - Fire Tubervile back off.

4. ISU - Played KSU tough, got a (1st ever?) BCS ranking. End of season, Paul Rhodes leaves to coach for...anyone else.

5. UT - Looked like a collection of mental patients mincing about in white/burnt orange cotton frocks. Co-Pretenders of the year.

6. OSU - Looked like a collection of mental patients mincing about in grey/white/orange cotton frocks. AND STILL BEAT KANSAS

7. WVU - The great offensive juggernaut is stopped by a little bit of wind. Co-Pretenders of the year.

8. TCU - Backup QB looks better this week despite not given any competitive advantage or disadvantage (depending on point of view) by the use of "bath salts" unlike (allegedly) the former TCU starter.

9.(tie) BU - Back to 5 win seasons at best.

9.(tie) KU - Can be commended for not quitting and playing us close. Maybe Charlie Weis's psychological upperclassmen mind games and gestapo tactics with the campus media are paying off.


1. Kansas State...continuing to NOT suck just enough.

2. Oklahoma...has suddenly decided to STOP sucking.

3. Texas Tech & TCU...tried sucking for one week, didn't like it.

5. West Virginia...had a "Big East really sucks" flashback.

6. Oklahoma State...alarmingly coming up with different ways to suck each game.

7. Texas...tried NOT sucking, didn't like it.

8. Iowa State...continuing to suck just enough.

9. just suck.

10. Kansas...What an effort. Just when it looked like another team might take away your title of "suckiest team known to mankind," you made two spectacular plays to cement your position. Impressive. Truly impressive.


1. K State - Undefeated in conference is more than anyone else can say.

2. OU - Who the hell are they? Maybe they've figured it out. We'll see when they go to Morgantown

3. Iowa State - Who the hell else am I supposed to put here? They played K State tough in a loss and that is more than WV or Texas can say.

4. TCU - Temporary for sure. I expect them to take a plunge as the schedule gets tougher.

5. OSU - This might be a homer pick but I do believe they get better with Lunt taking snaps.

6. Texas Tech - Put it on a top 5 team and land at #6 in the power poll. Yup. Deal with it.

7. West Virginia - Better work on the worst secondary in the Big 12.

8. Texas - Falling apart. Bad. Three losses in a row. Yeah, I said it.

9. Baylor - Womp Womp Wooooomp!

10. Kansas - Give them hope to take it away. Whoops.


1. Kansas St - Everyone's adopted grandfather keeps it rolling

2. OU - Looking more like the conference favorite

3. Iowa State, Texas, TCU, Oklahoma State, Tech, West Virginia, Baylor - Yup. A seven-way tie for 3rd place. Whetsell already wrote a nice piece about the parity in the conference. Everyone is headed in different direction, but we are all meeting in the middle boys.

10 - Kansas

Go Pokes