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Questions With The Enemy: Wide Right Edition

I had a little question and answer session with our homeboys over at Wide Right and Natty Lite.

Help me Brodrick Brown, you're my only hope. At a decent defense.
Help me Brodrick Brown, you're my only hope. At a decent defense.

Here are their answers to my questions, you can find my answers to their's over at Wide Right and Natty Lite.

1: With names like Steele, I expect awesome from your offense. But after two years it seems Mr. Jantz is benched for good. Is he to blame, and is Jared Barnett the man to lead the team going forward.

I miss the name games we could play with Jantz, but barring an injury or a disastrous game for Barnett, Steele is likely done for good. He's like Wild Thing in Major League without sleeping with Richard Dorn's wife and dominating in the final game with his glasses. So basically he's nothing like Wild Thing. Except that most of his throws are "juuuuuuust a bit outside". The offense just seems to run smoother with Barnett in the game, as you guys probably know well.

2: A.J. Klein and Jake Knott give me a feeling in my pants, but not the good kind. The number two kind. But we know they're awesome, so who else ya got?

Our defensive line isn't made up of household names but rotating 12 players throughout the game have kept them fresh. Watch out for Roosevelt "2 Legit to Quit" Maggitt and Rony Nelson on 3rd down as they will be the ones getting hands in Walsh/Lunt's face. Our secondary doesn't get a lot of attention because of the graduation of Leonard Johnson and Ter'ran Benton, but we've filled their spots with the very solid Jansen Watson, while the undersized but athletic Jeremy Reeves anchors the other side. The highlight though, is safety Jacques Washington, who is a straight up ball hawk and many an opposing defensive coordinator have said he will be an NFL draft pick.

3: Which win meant more; beating us last year and ruining the dreams of every Poke fan, or beating Iowa this year, probably ruining something for the Hawkeyes (who, if like ou fans, have the ego to think they're awesome after beating msu)

You can't be seriously asking this question. Our win over OSU gave us a bowl bid and led to the formation of a 4 team playoff. Hawkeye fans are just as annoying as you probably imagine, so it's nice to shut them up, but come on, they're in the craptastic Big Ten. You might as well make fun of a MAC team at this point.

4: This doesn't have much to do with the game, but how do you feel about the conference now? Personally I hate Missouri with the passion of a thousand dying stars, and seeing them lose makes me happy in my pants.

How can you not love the Big 12 right now? 7 teams ranked in the BCS Top 25 and playing everyone every year is incredible for conference solidarity and fun rivalries. Let's just hope this rendition of the Big 12 lasts.

5: My favorite thing in football, replacing the venerable Stoops face, is the Paul Rhoads freakout. But on a serious note, how does you fanbase feel about him? Love, hate, indifference?

Think of how you feel about your favorite coach. Then triple that. That's how ISU fans feel about Paul Rhoads. To put it simply: I can't think of anything I wouldn't do if Paul Rhoads asked me to do it.

One quick bonus:

As an Auburn fan, I have a sad due their current head coach. I'll give you 5, no, 10 limeys Saturday if we trade. I'll even throw in Trooper Taylor. He's crafty and can wave mean towel. Deal?

While I do like Trooper Taylor's towel waving (which makes him a perfect fit for Kansas State's power towels < insert link here>, right?), you'd have to gift us at least 20 clones of Cam Newton to make that deal even worth considering.

I'd like to thank the boys over at WRNL for answering my questions, especially since I've threatened to kill most of them.

Go Pokes