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Prediction Time! Iowa State Versus Oklahoma State

Upgrayedd takes the crown for the best predictions last week. Let's be honest. Saying you're Bill Self's nephew would probably get you tons of strange in Lawrence. Also, he absolutely nailed the uniform combination ("helmet with a shirt and pants").

Thank you, Quinn. Thank you.
Thank you, Quinn. Thank you.


Last week's game didn't happen.

"Bu-bu-but I saw--"


Ok, now that I have my head firmly planted in the sand let's talk about tomorrow's game against Iowa State. I think everyone is anxious to see if Lunt can make a heroic return to action. Personally, I think he will. And let's all hope that means that Gundy and Monken decide to run more than three plays out of the playbook unlike another recent performance that we will not mention.

The bottom line is that Iowa State isn't anything flashy. They are sound and play hard, though. They have two linebackers that have NFL potential. The OSU running game will need a passing game to compliment it otherwise the Cyclones' defense will load the box over and over again.

So without further ado, let's get a special Homecoming edition of predictions going!

1. Final Score?

2. Which QB starts: Lunt or Walsh?

3. If OSU wins this game, Coach Gundy surpasses Pat Jones for the most wins in OSU football history. Give me Pat Jones' quote if it happens.

4. Who will be the game's MVP?

5. What's more likely: OSU actually forces a turnover or Monken calls a great and innovative play?

6. Basketball Bash is on Friday night. What will be the highlight of the event?

7. Battle for the best worst beer: Natty Light (Iowa State) versus Keystone Light (OSU). Who wins?

8. Time of Possession for each team?

9. How many times does Iowa State's head coach Paul Rhodes cry while talking to his players before, during, and after the game?