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INSTANT REACTION: Oklahoma State 31, Iowa State 10

I know I'm not a fan of it, but glad to see OSU break out something different in the last two games.

How many of you were borderline ill after the first drive by the Cyclones? Really ill? Throwing up? Fetal position?

I was at the circus about to hit the power button on my phone.

Then young Mr Walsh, despite

  • a gimpy left leg and gimpy right arm (well, it just looks gimpy sometimes);
  • horrible drops;
  • 2 fumbles deep in Cyclone territory;
  • and at least one pass that should have been a pick 6 for Iowa State;

righted the ship and gutted out a very good performance against a very solid defensive group. I will add, a lot of assistance was provided by two TERRIBLE quarterbacks for Iowa State. The Cyclones had some guys running wide open.

The Cyclones first scoring drive was made possible by the only perfect throw Barnett had the entire game. Never mind our defense gave away turnover possibilites on both of their scoring drives. Combine those with our two turnovers deep in the Cyclone end of the field, and Iowa State is lucky this didn't ugly.

Oh yeah, the officiating sucked, both ways.

If Lunt isn't coming back, then OSU fans should get used to running around between the 20's, then stalling or struggling in the red zone. Walsh's limitations as a passer are really amplified when the field is compressed. The Cowboys put up over 600 yards of total offense, and managed only 31 points. Mistakes and drops also continue to plague the offense. Walsh made a number of decent throws, but also lobs some grenades, and at least a couple of those could have gone the other way for points.

After the first quarter, the defense played solidly, albeit against a terrible QB. This is a pretty darn good front seven against the run, and the front 3 or 4 are getting some pressure on the QB, but our secondary is mediocre at best. Given Iowa State's offensive (QB) woes, it was only a matter of time before the Cowboys wore down the Cyclone's vaunted defense.

More in depth review to come in the morning, but be happy with a good win. There are more of these to come, but just how will be the quandry.

And I'm still convinced that Gundy etal are going to continue to sit Lunt as long as they can be competitive and win with Walsh. I think they are hoping they can sneak their way into a medical redshirt for Wes.