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At the midway point of the season, do we know anything about how things will play out for the Cowboys?

Christian Petersen

When the Cowboys marched off the field after trouncing Savannah State, fans were sure that we had reached that magical apex in a program's history where a rebuild becomes a reload. Savannah State, a team even fellow FCS teams snigger at, provided OSU fans false hope that we could continue at the same high level of success that we had last year. (Savannah State managed to win over something called Edward Waters last week, a team so obscure ESPN does not have a graphic for them.)

We all thought we were in for another blockbuster year. Then the second game happened. OSU beat themselves with a school record worth of penalties at Arizona, but also had a nightmare's worth of defensive ineptitude against the Wildcats. The Cowboys were more competitive versus Texas, but the Longhorns still ran and passed all over the D. The offense played admirably for the most part in both losses, but could not make up the deficit of points that we were allowing. OSU then made it seem almost possible to get beat by Kansas and were held to less than 30 points for the first time since Zac Robinson left Stillwater to be a professional male gigolo to supermodels.

OSU looked good for last weekend's homecoming game versus Iowa State, but Iowa State also looked flat. Every game left on the schedule is against a top 30 offense. The Cowboys have a long road to hoe ahead. Here's a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of the second half of the season.


OSU STILL controls its own destiny in the Big 12 and can defend the championship if they continue to win.

OSU is 7th in the nation in passing average, 8th in the nation for rushing average, and 4th in the nation for scoring average. Nobody can say we are not capable of winning out.


OSU still has all three teams that are higher in the conference standings left to play: K-State, OU, and Tech. In fact, no games left on the schedule can be said to be sure wins for the Pokes. (That includes Baylor.)

The OSU defense has been unable to stand up to any offense that averages over 39 points per game despite the OSU offense averaging 45 points per game. KSU, OU, WVU, Tech, and Baylor all average more than 39 points per game. (Baylor also gives up 44 points per game, near the bottom in the FBS.)


OSU, as you may have heard, is experiencing some injury woes this season with the offensive skill positions taking the biggest hit. J.W. "The Stud" Walsh, who is the only backup QB in OSU history to have an imaginary statue of himself erected next to the imaginary statues of Bob, Barry, Thurman, and Brandon and also that imaginary statue Bob Simmons erected of his son, will not see another snap this season.