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CRFF's BIG 12 PICKS FOR WEEK 9: Sam's MIA, plus Cincy & Royal really don't like OU.

Do they do birthday parties?


After week 1 (which was actually week 8), Royal stumbled into first place. The standings are:

WEEK 8 3 4.5 5.5 5 3.5 3.5
TOTAL 3 4.5 5.5 5 3.5 3.5

How this works...

  • 1 pt awarded for a correct pick;
  • 1 pt awarded for being the closest in total points (must have correctly picked the winner). This point can be split two (.5) or three (.3) ways;
  • 1 pt awarded if the picker is the only one to pick that game correctly;
  • If a week is missed, then picker receives the average score for that week, minus 1 point for missing the week (Cincy & T-G-S).

So here were our picks from last week;

Sam King Royal Whetsell Actual
Baylor @ Texas Texas 30-20 Baylor 42-24 Texas 45-35 Baylor 49-42 Texas 56-50
Tech @ TCU TCU 27-21 Tech 24-23 Tech 38-35 TCU 31-24 Tech 56-53
Kansas @ OU OU 55-17 OU 45-3 Kansas 17-16 OU 54-3 OU 52-7
KState @ WVa KState 48-30 KState 34-14 WVa 42-35 KState 49-28 KState 55-14
Iowa St @ OSU Iowa St 20-17 OSU 24-21 OSU 38-21 OSU 38-24 OSU 31-10
3 4.5 5.5 5 3.5 (avg-1)

  • Bold is a correct pick
  • Bold Italics is a correct pick and closest to the total points

So, without further ado, here are the picks for Week 9, and our expert analysis:

WVa is off, so is..... Sam King Royal Whetsell Cincy T-G-S
Texas @ Kansas Texas 50-21 Texas 35-17 Texas 31-17 Texas 56-10 Texas 31-14
Tech @ KState KState 42-21 KState 31-24 KState 31-28 KState 41-31 Tech 34-31
TCU @ OSU OSU 38-35 OSU 45-42 OSU 35-27 OSU 47-17 OSU 45-35
Baylor @ Iowa St Baylor 34-24 Iowa St 35-27 Iowa St 28-24 Iowa St 31-28 Baylor 38-35
ND @ OU OU 52-17 ND 21-17 OU 31-14 ND 28-27 OU 45-10


Texas at Kansas:
While Texas doesn't have any defense, Kansas doesn't have any offense. As bad as Texas has been lately, they're still superior to Kansas. Texas wins 50-21

Texas Tech at Kansas State:
One of maybe two games KSU has left that are losable, and should be a hell of a game. I want to pick Tech, only because Big 12 teams are like 5-15 at home this year, but I'm afraid Tech is due for a shitty game, and that will get you Snydered. Also I want KSU to win, I need KSU to win. If they lose, and Oregon loses, we get another gay ass all SEC championship game. Sorry Tech, but the world needs the Wildcats. KSU wins 42-21

Texas Christian at Oklahoma State:
Are we playing better? Who will be the quarterback? I dunno, but I think the Big 12 grind is starting to take it's toll and the Horned Frogs. They're coming off a devastating loss, they're going on the road, and they don't know who they'll be facing at quarterback. On the other side, we finally put together a decent defensive performance, against the worst offensive team in the Big 12. I think this will be a hell of a game, and like the good homer I am, I'm picking the Pokes 38-35

Baylor at Iowa State:
If Iowa State is going to get it rolling and make a decent bowl game, now is the time to start. Baylor has a high powered offense, Iowa State has a good defense, there is your good on good. Flipping it around, Baylor has a donkey shit defense, and I'm not sure Iowa State fields an offense. This game is on Steele Barnett. Whichever ISU qb can not suck gives them a chance to beat Bebe's kids, but sadly I think BeBe's kids can outscore Jared Jantz, Baylor wins, 34-24

Notre Dame at Oklahoma:
I want to pick an OU blowout, which makes me sad. ND struggled to beat an average BYU team at home, and I have yet to see the Irish take over a game all season. The only reason I'm hesitant at all is because this OU squad is known to play down to their opponents (except Texas). Ah fuck it, I'm picking the ass whipping, Sooners roll 52-17


ND @ OU: ND's front seven on defense will give OU all they can handle. ND wins, 21-17.

Texas @ Kansas: Kansas looks save its season by not letting Texas score 50 on them. Texas wins, 35-17.

Texas Tech @ K State: Tech comes back down to Earth after big win in Ft. Worth. K State wins, 31-24.

Baylor @ Iowa State: Baylor's defense is statistically the WORST in the nation. They might make the Cyclones look half way decent on offense. Iowa State wins, 35-27.

TCU @ OSU: Lunt is back and from what I hear, looks really good. Still the Horny Toads have a pretty good QB themselves. Consider it a shootout. OSU wins, 45-42.


Texas at Kansas...I don't think I will have rooted any harder for an upset in a non-OU game. EVER. Can't talk myself into predicting it, though. 31-17 Texas

Tech at Kansas State...Big 12 game of the week. Sorry OU, you don't get that because you're not playing a conference opponent, besides it's an overrated matchup against an overrated Notre Dame squad. Could someone please confirm that Taco Bell in Manhattan is giving away free meals with KState ticket stubs? Does Snyder have a chihuahua? This game has the potential of being a pretty good tilt, but Optimus Klein will not be denied. 31-28 KState

TCU @ OSU...TCU scares me, but we are at home, so the offense should be productive. The defense will be tested by a team that is more than capable of doing damage through the air. Cowboys make it 3 in a row...and Lunt is the man...unless Chelf starts...then Chelf is the man, and Lunt is still "ready to play if needed." 35-27 OSU

Baylor at Iowa State...The Cyclones shouldn't have more than a couple of 3 and outs going against this excuse for a defense. Their defense should be ready for Baylor after facing OSU. I think Iowa State bounces back. 28-24 Cyclones

Notre Dame at OU...really sucks that I have to root for either of these teams, but I'll go with the Irish. Can't pick them to win, however. 31-14 OU


Texas at Kansas: Texas struggles early but pulls away late. Longhorns win big. 56-10

Texas Tech at Kansas State: Texas Tech isn't good, they're just playing a little defense. This could be a good game, but I'm only betting against Snyder at home once this year. KSU 41 ISU 31

Texas Christian at Oklahoma State: This is the week we all get Lunt boners again. TCU is getting tired. Pokes win big: 47-17

Baylor at Iowa State: This could be a great game. Baylor defense is as bad as Iowa State offense. So what we'll have here is a good back and forth game. Give me the Cyclones at home and Fuck Baylor. ISU 31 Baylor 28

Notre Dame at Oklahoma: This game is a cream dream for casual fucking drive by fans everywhere. I'll stand by my claim that OU actually sucks. Bandwagon team from the East 28 Bandwagon team from Norman 27

T-G-S (Yachoff is legally changing his name, so I can't reveal it until he has jumped through all the legal hoops.)

Notre Dame @ Oklahoma - Notre Dame continues to inflate Oklahoma's massive ego by taking a bath in Norman. PROVE ME WRONG, TOUCHDOWN JESUS - OU 45 - ND 10

Texas @ Kansas - Kansas loses the "BATTLE OF COACHES WHO WONT HAVE JOBS IN TWO YEARS (OR LESS)" - UT 31 - KU 14

Texas Tech @ Kansas State - Kansas State proves they are beatable. TT 34 - KSU 31

Texas Christian @ Oklahoma State - Lunt comes back, runs the offense to perfection, and gets # 33 OSU a solid win over #29 TCU. BATTLE OF THE OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES -. OSU 45 - TCU 35

Baylor @ Iowa State - BATTLE FOR NINTH IN BIG 12-2-2=2 BU 38 - ISU 35