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GAME DAY THOUGHTS: A season of crossroads for the Cowboys.

Some random musings for pregame consumption...

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· Remember when Texas was the game that would tell us everything we needed to know about OSU? Seems like now this is a weekly mantra.

· I was surprised at the poll results. Only 60% of you are blatant homers? I expected at least 70% would say it didn't matter who started. Not shocked that so many think that a Lunt start equals a win and Chelf start equals a loss. It seemed obvious that Sam and 1 TCU fan voted for the second option. I suppose Chelf voted for the last one.

· I hate our poll widget. It doesn't round up. Results should say 60%-2%-37%-1%. I'm anal about stuff like that.

· For anyone who says they enjoy the excitement of close games each weekend more than strolling home with a blowout victory, I say bullshit. I want 10 blowouts, a nice win over a pretty good team, and ANY kind of win over OU. I liked the last two seasons. I hate going into each game wondering if the Cowboys can get the W. Besides, they could have 12 exciting, close games and end up 3-9. I vote 10 boring games. I don't need anxiety every week. This is the part where we need to adjust our mentality if we are going to be fans of a contender each year. Look at Bama, or OU and Nebraska from the old days.

· I've been an OSU fan since the early 70's, and I can't remember ANY season where so many important players suffered significant or season ending injuries. What have we learned? That this dilemma has little to do with Gundy's genius of "light" practices and more to do with luck. OU's Ryan Broyles going down untouched with a season ending knee injury last year had nothing to do with the Sooner's practice regimen.

· I doubt you could find a Saturday where Kansas, Notre Dame, and Iowa State share so many fans.

· I know Kansas sucks, but is there any OSU fan out there that doesn't want Baylor to go 0-9 in the conference?

· I love today's world of technology. I remember the days of 1 or 2 games on Saturday afternoon. If you weren't in range of a radio station carrying the game, you were prisoner to the TV broadcast scrolling some scores every 10-15 minutes and hoping they did it long enough to get to the OSU score, if they weren't playing a ranked team. I remember this well the afternoon of Oct 23, 1976 (hint: they played a ranked team).

Now, I watch almost every game (90%). If it's not on TV, I might find a bootleg website carrying the broadcast. If not, I can always listen to the radio version on any of my internet capable devices. Worst case? Follow my Twitter feed. Heaven.

· In August, we couldn't wait to see Lunt in action. I think the potential of Marcus Smart is more exciting.

· I never thought I would see the day when there would be only 2 teams in the rankings that I DON'T think OSU can beat (Bama, Oregon), and yet the Cowboys aren't even ranked.

· Has OSU ever been so deep into a season, and still had almost every potential season outcome reasonably in play? This team could win out; could win some, lose some; could lose out (God forbid).

· I think everyone should be allowed to drive at 16, EXCEPT OKLAHOMA STATE ATHLETES. They can drive after they leave school.

Have a great (and safe) day everyone!