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INSTANT REACTION: Oklahoma State 36, TCU 14

The black helmets and phantom Pistol Pete were a huge hit.

Ryan Cameron

Squinky and a very rusty Wes Lunt gave Cowboy fans a little indigestion early, but OSU's defense put the clamps on TCU while Lunt finally found a little rhythm, allowing the Cowboys to pull away late, 36-14.

And thank goodness for Quinn Sharp.

And the refs SUCKED. Poor spots and phantom penalties plagued OSU the whole game, or the game could have gotten out of hand earlier than it did.

TCU's defense was active and quick, giving OSU's offensive line fits, and while not allowing any sacks, Lunt did take several hard shots.

But time would tell the tale on the Horned Frogs as the Cowboys, while settling for FG's, ground out several long drives which obviously took it's toll on TCU as the game wore on.

Seriously, Lunt showed why he is the proper QB to be running this offense. No disrespect to the toughest QB to ever play for OSU, but Lunt stretches the field in so many ways, and his passes hit receivers in stride. Yes, the interception early that resulted in a TCU pick 6 was on both Lunt and Stewart, but as the game wore on Lunt settled in, and more of his throws were on the money. His deep throws are Weeden-esque.

Not enough time for much more instant analysis, already late to a costume birthday party, but tomorrow morning will bring much statistical wrangling, as well as praise for Joseph Randle, who continues to take a beating and carry the Cowboy rushing attack on his shoulders.

Another win. And now comes Kansas State.