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Big 12 Power Poll Week 6

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Another week, another Big 12 Power Poll.

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That was.........depressing. I've seen OSU blow some opportunities, but Saturday night was possibly the worst. Actually, I take that back. It's exactly 2nd, with the worst being the 4th and 9 in Bedlam 2 years ago where a busted coverage allowed James Hannah to run his bitch ass 80 yards for a touchdown, sealing the deal for the goons. Anyway, here's the power poll (hint: we dropped)

King Sam Yachoff Royal Whetsell Total
1: Texas 2 1 2 1 1 7
2: Kansas State 1 2 1 2 2 8
3: West Virginia 3 3 4 3 4 17
4: Texas Christian 4 4 3 6 3 20
5: Oklahoma 5 6 6 5 5 27
6: Oklahoma State 7 7 8 4 6 32
6: Texas Tech 6 5 5 9 7 32
8: Baylor 9 8 7 7 8 39
9: Iowa State 8 9 9 8 9 43
10: Kansas 10 10 10 10 10 50

Seems about right, looking ahead to this weekend, OU has a chance to climb into the top 3 with a win, as either Texas of West Virgina will probably drop. On the flip side, they also have a chance to drop to about 8th while Tech could solidify a top 5 position. And as for us? We'll, we have a week off to prep for Kansas. Heres the individual votes:


1. K-State - Still have the best win and are the best team. That said, itis entirely possible that they could lose to Kansas at home. It's beenthat kind of season. Up is down, black is white.

2. Texas - Were able to show up and erase a two-year OSU win streak. Still think they will end the season unranked.

3. TCU - Texas Christian has the advantage of playing the conference in a rough order of shittest to best. Kansas to Kansas State. Their stash will be smoked by November when they are playing some real teams.

4. West Virginia - Battle of the worst D rivalry brewing with Baylor.

5. Texas Tech - Came out of Ames unscathed. Could their defense be for real?

6. Oklahoma - Excited to see another game they could lose, but it really isn't the same when you suck too.

7. Baylor - Were at least able to make their point a minute game with WVU the farce of the week. Style points awarded.

8. Oklahoma State - Kept up with Texas scoring points, but this is what happens when a formerly takeaway charmed D that sucks can't take the ball away anymore. There only stands the suck.

9. ISU - Not the defensive jugernaut that no one was calling them anyway. Welcome back to the top of the cellar.



1. Texas: Better at what they do than K State.

2. K State: Easy placement.

3. WV: Will finish season with 3 losses.

4. Oklahoma State: Loss or no loss, with Lunt as QB, I don't think any of

the teams beneath the top three can beat them.

5. OU: Will have three conference losses.

6. TCU: Horrible offense.

7. Baylor: Puts up points, but not enough.

8. Iowa State: Same ol', same ol'.

9. Texas Tech: I still think they are shit.

10. The team that wished it was basketball season.


1. Texas - A new #1, but barely. This UT team has holes and will lose
conference games, but right now they have enough weapons to scare me more
than any other Big 12 team.

2. Kansas State - All I want to put in here is Snyder's quote from the Big
12 Coaches call even though it does not apply at all. "I don't eat lunch. I
have different eating habits. I eat one meal a day, and it's late at night."

3. West Virginia - Same comment goes in here every week. 2011 Baylor part 2

4. TCU - Couldn't glean much from their rain soaked mess this weekend.
Let's leave them here until they are tested.

5. Texas Tech - I don't believe in Tech, but I believed in Iowa State,
therefore I am contractually obligated to now believe in Tech... even
though I don't.

6. Oklahoma - Good week for them. Bye week, and I begrudgingly tried Billy
Sims BBQ for the first time. Not bad actually.

7. Oklahoma State - Almost beat a top 10 caliber team with a backup QB and
plenty of mistakes to go around. Good but young. Will be dangerous in
November and downright scary in 2013.

8. Baylor - Gets the nod over Iowa State. They will score enough to win
some games.

9. Iowa State - Playing the wrong kind of ball for this conference, could
be #4 in the Big 10.

10. Kansas - Still think they will upset someone this year. Have a sneaky
feel to them. They gamble a lot and force turnovers. It will all come
together in one game.


1...Oklahoma State's offense. You want em, you got em. Starter or Backup
QB today, sir? Would you prefer the run or the pass? They are all 5 star
quality dishes sir, so it really is about your preference...or as we like
to say in Stillwater...pick your poison.

2...Texas. Ash for Heisman...there, that should take care of my wager
with our orange brethen. Signed, Robert Whetsell, President, Ash for
Heisman Fan Club;

3...Kansas State. Sorry, but your stay at #1 was only gratus for a week.
Beating OU wasn't THAT impressive.

4...TCU. Winning Kansas State.

5...West Virginia. Not a bad win, if you like Arena football.

6...Oklahoma. Definitely looked better than Kansas this week.

7...Texas Tech. Any team with both offense and defense in top 10 in the
country must be good, right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait
til this caves in;

8...Baylor. I prefer teams that DON'T give up 70 points;
9...Iowa State. If you stuff their offense, it does NOT qualify as heavy

10...Kansas. Must have been a bye week, cuz I didn't hear about them
losing to, well, anyone they might have played;

11...Oklahoma State's secondary. I think this experiment with "stealth"
coverage can be considered a failure. Did I hear that Brown & Gilbert were
transfering to Savannah State? Wait two weeks and it will be Crist for
Heisman. And would somebody please wipe the drool off of Dana's chin?


1: Kansas State- Fightin' Snyders had a week off to watch the rest of
the Big 12 and see how bad we all suck. Grandpa gonna do it, we're all
getting Snydered.

2: Texas- Fuck Texas. West Virginia has to be excited after watching the
game last night, they learned that neither Texas or OSU has anything
resembling a defense. But, as Texas fans keep reminding us, David Ash is
the greatest quarterback in football history. Peyton Manning, little bitch
next to Ash.

3: West Virginia- On the flip side, WVU has no defense either. None.
Baylor put up 63 in Morgantown. Wont someone think of the scoreboards. The
Big 12 defense is why Bama will win a 2nd straight.

4: Texas Christian- Keep on doing it ugly, making huge mistakes, and
keep on surviving. One day soon, they won't survive, but for now they've
climbed to 4th.

5: Oklahoma- Who knew by not playing they'd gain 3 spots?

6: Texas Tech- Still undefeated, whatever.

7:Oklahoma State- I should put us lower, we're the only team besides
Kansas with more than one loss. Jesus, we're just better than Kansas. We've
been Bill Young'd

8:Iowa State- Good defense, zero offense. Seriously, they'd be better
just keeping the D out all game.

9: Baylor- Good offense, zero defense. Giving up 70 = 9th place.

10: Kansas- Keeping it real or something.

Go Pokes....................or something