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Oklahoma State Vs. Texas Tech: Getting Defensive

Or as Tommy Tubberville would say to a grad assistant pissing him off, "better check yo' self fo' you wreck yo' self". What does that have to do with anything? Tubberville slaps men, that's what.

See how much nicer this is than grey?
See how much nicer this is than grey?
Ed Zurga

Hey there, me again, miss me? If it wasn't for Whetsell picking up the slack there wouldn't have been any preview the past couple of weeks. Anyway, personal nonsense aside, it's time to look at what Tech has going on for themselves on the defensive side of the ball.

I'm going to start with some stats, cause I know you love stats:

Category National Rank Big 12 Rank Total (Big 12)
Total Defense 18th 4th 395 Yards
Passing Defense 11th 2nd 210
Rushing Defense 54th 8th 185
Scoring Defense 100th 8th 34 Points
Sacks 80th 8th 9
Turnovers Forced 91st 6th 8

Now that that's out of the way, let's see what knowledge we can rub out of the data.

Well let's start with the good (from a Tech point of view), which would be their pass defense. They're only giving up 210 yards thorough the air, which is right behind Oklahoma for tops in the conference (now I'm going to invoke the compliment sandwich), however they haven't played either of the top two passing offenses (not including them of course). Now to finish the Oreo we have Tech holding their opponents to almost 97 yards below their average.

Now for the bad, the Tech run defense. Currently, our beloved Pokes are rushing for 212 yards a game, and Tech is giving up 185 yards a game. Now I'm no offensive genius, but I'd say chances are good we can have some success running the ball Saturday. And since the West Virginia game had a Smiff sighting, I'm even more excited about our chances on the ground. Further, Tech doesn't force many sacks, and we damn sure don't give up many, so whichever quarterback we throw out there (cough*Chelf*cough) has a really good chance of staying on their feet.

If you want some players to watch, I can give you that. Leading the team in tackles are the two senior safeties, DJ Johnson and Cody Davis. Leading the team in sacks are a pair of junior defensive ends, Kerry Hyder and Dartwan Bush (with 5 and 4, respectively). Hyder also has the teams only fumble recovery, so umm, good job Kerry.

Let's wrap this bitch up before I start rambling. Looking at the overall Herp Raider defense leads me to the conclusion that; the corners and safeties are pretty good, the D-ends are decent, linebackers are invisible, and the middle of the line is softer than a whales vagina. What do I read from that? Well Josh Stewart should set some sort of record with 37 receptions for 855 yards all coming over the middle, at the same time Randle will rush 92 times for 1243 yards, also a record. Not really, but you get the point.

In Big 12 play Tech is giving up 34 points a game (while we're only allowing 26), and judging from Tubbervilles little "incident" on the sideline last weekend, the frustration is starting to mount. In each of their 3 losses they've given up at least 30 points (and 40 in two of those), and in each of those they struggled to contain the pass (well, in the two they gave up more than 40, against Texas they gave up 179 yards on the ground, but Texas always does things differently).

Finally, I think being in the friendly confines of the Boone Bowl helps keep the Chelf train a' rollin (as does another week of practice with first team reps), and I think we get our 7th win of the year, knocking off the Red Raiders to the tune of 45-31. At least we better,

Go Pokes