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The fact that we all predicted EITHER Iowa State or Kansas to score 3 touchdowns is phenomenal...or ridiculous...


Royal and Whetsell hold a narrow lead over King. T. Garth Sanders would be better off not picking and taking the average minus 1 point. Sam is obvioulsy busy opening up his knew STD vaccination clinic in Lubbock.

WEEK 8 3 4.5 5.5 5 3.5 3.5
WEEK 9 3.8 4 7 5.5 5.5 2
WEEK 10 2.6 6.5 2 4 3 2.5
WEEK 11 5.25 5.25 7 7 6 5
TOTAL 14.65 20.25 21.5 21.5 18 13

All pickers did pretty well last week, as indicated by the high average minus 1 point.

Royal Whetsell Cincy T-G-S Actual
Iowa St @ Texas Texas 42-31 Texas 31-21 Texas 34-14 Texas 45-17 Texas 33-7
Kansas @ Tech Tech 35-21 Tech 31-7 Tech 44-10 Tech 45-14 Tech 41-34
Baylor @ OU OU 48-24 OU 62-17 OU 65-16 OU 45-12 OU 42-34
K-State @ TCU K-State 38-17 K-State 31-14 K-State 34-17 K-State 45-28 K-State 23-10
WV @ OSU OSU 42-24 OSU 55-28 OSU 31-28 OSU 56-48 OSU 55-34
TOTAL 7 7 6 5 5.25

Going into Week 12, we all like Kansas State and OSU, but some varying picks for OU-WV and Iowa St-Kansas could create some separation.

King Royal Whetsell Cincy T-G-S
OU @ WV WV 45-42 OU 48-35 OU 55-17 WV 31-28 OU 38-31 (OT)
Iowa St @ Kansas Iowa St 21-20 Kansas 24-21 Kansas 21-17 Iowa St 28-14 Kansas 28-21
K-State @ Baylor K-State 35-31 K-State 42-38 K-State 62-24 K-State 44-10 K-State 38-21
Tech @ OSU OSU 45-31 OSU 38-24 OSU 41-24 OSU 38-17 OSU 45-33
Bye - Texas & TCU


OU-WVU: 45-42 West Virginia, but I'm probably wrong

OSU-TTU: 45-31 Pokes, herpes joke here

KSU-Baylor: Snyder wins 35-31, drops in the polls.

ISU-KU: 21-20 ISU, but again I'm probably wrong


OU @ WV:

At the beginning of the season, I had this down as a loss for OU. I can't see that happening now with WV's tumble. OU wins, 48-35. X09576

Texas Tech @ OSU:

The Chelf train continues to roll on. Tech peaked earlier in the season and has trended downward since. OSU wins, 38-24.

KSU @ Baylor:

I have a weird feeling about this game. Don't know why but I think KSU might suffer a letdown. Close game here but KSU wins, 42-38.


Ok, I'm calling it right now. KU wins their first and only conference game. They've been playing tough the last few weeks and I think they get it done against the mediocre Cyclones. KU wins, 24-21.


Oklahoma at West Virginia:

Great point came out on Twitter this past Monday. The Big 12's Offensive POW has come from the Mountaineer's opponent each of the last four weeks, all losses. That trend should continue with the Sooners coming to town. We saw what happened against OSU when Monken let Chelf finally take the offense out for a spin. Landry Jones will be turned loose from the start. Not that that is such a scary proposition, but with WV's secondary, it kinda is. OU 55-17.

Iowa State at Kansas:

Definitely intriguing, as this is likely the Jayhawks' best chance at a Big 12 win remaining on the schedule, although playing at West Virginia is suddenly not looking so daunting. Anyway, I think Kansas pulls it off this week, and Weis will be declared the second coming of Knute Rockne (if Knute weighed 300lbs). KU 21-17

Kansas State at Baylor:

Are the Bears going to be K-State's "Iowa State?" Let's watch Snyderball bleed Baylor dry. K-State 62-24

Tech at Oklahoma State:

The Cowboys seem to be getting healthy on both sides of the ball, and would like to have a QB play 2 complete games in a row for only the 2nd time this year. Tech better than last year on defense, but not good enough. CCCMFC keeps rolling, 41-24


OU 28 - WVU 31…OU Sucks

TT 17 - OSU 38…Another good defensive showing and Chelf rolls.

KSU 44 - BU 10…Baylor really sucks.

ISU 28 - KU 14…ISU wants to bowl.


OU 38 - WVU 31…OU wins in overtime.

TT 33 - OSU 45…OSU wins on the same constant play that has seen them through most of the schedule. Tuberville doesn't smack anybody.

KSU 38 - BU 21…KSU keeps rolling. No reason to think otherwise.

ISU 21 - KU 28…god help me...KU wins.