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Football, hoops, and some other stuff.


Before diving in, let's pause to remember those we lost a year ago, and that there are MANY things more important than yapping about sports...and hating OU.

...CRFF broke this story earlier in the week.

So what happens when Lunt strolls out on the first series?

...Yo, David Ubben...I thought you were a Big 12 blogger...

Seriously, stop talking about Missouri and A&M. I get that if they have success in the SEC, then it supposedly looks good for the Big 12. But here's a news flash...THEY LEFT THE BIG 12. I DON'T WANT CREDIT FOR ANYTHING THEY DO. In fact, this is how I feel about it...

...Most of us heard Coach Ford's twitter reference in his post game interview, as it related to the Cowboys' victory over Tennessee...

So what you're really saying is that you have been unable to coax that kind of effort out of the team on your own? You've had 3 recruiting seasons to bring in the kids you want, and it takes one unbelievably extraordinary freshman and some tweets criticizing the players to get your team to play with passion and effort? Don't get me wrong, I like you, I think you are committed and passionate, and I think you genuinely care about these kids, the program, and the school. But this has been my consistent critique of you, and I feel like it just got validated. We just got a glimpse of the talent level of this team. There should no more excuses, injuries or chemistry related, for this team not exhibiting that level of effort.

And while we're on the subject...I wasn't home to watch the Tennessee game, so after watching the replay a bit later...

I mentioned this in an earlier hoops Q&A post...scroll to question #2. If Nash has that much talent, then he needs to have moments of domination AND show up at the end in crunch time. He did almost none of that against Akron, and he did ALL of that against Tennessee. We need to see "Tennessee" on a more regular basis. I'm tired of the "invisible" 18 point games.

...Can anyone EVER remember ANY recruit for either football or basketball that stepped right in and lived up to the hype? Not just any hype, but the glowing hype from some of the nation's top basketball coaches? Imagine this team without Marcus Smart. Is he going to be the basketball version of Weeden (without the age)?

...A promotion is going on in regards to rivalry week. The bottom line is this...give 5 reasons why we should hate our rival. I will make a list of what I think are the 5 best, and will be recording a short podcast with the promoter on Monday morning. The contest will go up shortly thereafter, and fans will have a chance to win some free shirts. If you tweet, use the hashtag "hateOU." My favorite so far is this...

...There is something in the water at the athletic complex. The football and basketball teams need to stop drinking it. Bring in Benny Hinn for some healing.

...Just a reminder of what Gundy has accomplished at OSU...

...If you're not following @KegsnEggs (Adam Kramer) on Twitter, you're missing out. My favorite from this week...

...Can't let a week go by without a good jab at Bob (RGIII for those who don't understand my disdane for all things Bob)

And yes, I've sworn off Subway and Gatorade.

...Last, but not least, there is this post over at Viva The Matadors, the SBN site for Texas Tech. Scroll to the bottom and check out the fan poll. Tech fans are NOT oozing with confidence. Don't know if that makes me more or less confident about today.

Have a great day and enjoy the game. If you are traveling, best wishes for safe passage. I'll see you on Twitter or CRFF's game thread.