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Instant Analysis: Oklahoma State 59, Texas Tech 21

That was sexy, real sexy. I spent the game sipping whiskey and coke in the student section, trying to dodge the punk police, but between sips I saw our best game of the season on all sides of the ball.

Brett Deering

God that was nice, that's the kind of game you want going into Bedlam. I'm sitting in my car with my phone tethering the internet for me, so this is gonna be brief.

First things first, Chelf is our guy. Maybe not next year going forward, but definitely for the rest of this year. I know everybody want's Lunt back, but I want him healthy. He looked like he was scared to put weight on the knee, and as a result his velocity seemed to suffer. But enough about that, to the game

For the game Chelf was 11 of 21 for 231 yards and 3 scores.

Combined we had 42 rushes for 256 yards and 3 scores, with Joseph Randle leading the way with 91 yards on 17 carries.

Todd Monken called a pretty good game, and you could see, especially in the second half there was a marked emphasis on the run game. I am confident that if we score 59 points next week we will win. Also important today, no turnovers.

The defense held the Red Raider offense to 14 meaningful points, and only allowed 383 total yards. Outside of the drive to end the first half I thought the first team D played great, but you hate to see em give up that TD, especially since they had to convert a 3rd and 18 and a 4th and 4 to get it.

Defense finally started to generate some turnovers, picking off Doege twice and recovering a fumble.

A great win over a good team, we're getting better weekly, time to see if we can go into Norman and come home with a W next week.

Go Pokes

Oh, and I'll be at the Penny soon. I'm the guy in orange.