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Is there such a thing as plagiarism with score predictions?


After 2 weeks of picks, the standings are beginning to take shape.

WEEK 8 3 4.5 5.5 5 3.5 3.5
WEEK 9 3.8 4 7 5.5 5.5 2
TOTAL 6.8 8.5 12.5 10.5 9 5.5

Here are the results from Week 9...

King Royal Whetsell Cincy T-G-S Actual
Texas @ Kansas Texas 50-21 Texas 35-17 Texas 31-17 Texas 56-10 Texas 31-14 Texas 21-17
Tech @ KState KState 42-21 KState 31-24 KState 31-28 KState 41-31 Tech 34-31 KState 55-24
TCU @ OSU OSU 38-35 OSU 45-42 OSU 35-27 OSU 47-17 OSU 45-35 OSU 36-14
Baylor @ Iowa St Baylor 34-24 Iowa St 35-27 Iowa St 28-24 Iowa St 31-28 Baylor 38-35 Iowa St 35-21
ND @ OU OU 52-17 ND 21-17 OU 31-14 ND 28-27 OU 45-10 ND 30-13
TOTAL 4 7 5.5 5.5 2 3.8

Some big games coming this week, so lets get to the picks...

Sam King Royal Whetsell Cincy T-G-S
OU @ Iowa State Too busy discovering a new meaning for "Cornhusker" in some seedy Nebraska hotel OU 35-14 OU 42-14 OU 31-3 OU 31-28 OU 54-14
TCU @ West Va TCU 31-21 WV 45-41 TCU 42-28 WV 56-23 WV 48-34
Kansas @ Baylor Baylor 42-9 Baylor 38-31 Baylor 31-24 Baylor 42-20 Baylor 38-17
UT @ Tech Tech 27-11 Tech 42-28 Tech 31-17 Tech 31-21 Tech 31-21
OSU @ K-State K-State 34-30 OSU 38-31 OSU 38-31 K-State 28-24 OSU 45-42


OU at Iowa State: saddens me to say, goons roll. 35-14.

TCU at WVU: frogs get back at it, beat.couch burners 31-21

Kansas at Baylor: KU finally gets up and breaks a 20 game losing streak, no, no they don't. Bears win 42-9

UT at TTU: tech takes the horns to the slaughterhouse, revenge over last year, wins 27-11

OSU at KSU: fuck KSU, arrogant dick heads. Then fuck us, KSU wins 34-30


1. OU @ Iowa State: After playing Notre Dame, the Sooners will welcome some mediocrity. OU wins, 42-14.

2. TCU @ West Virginia: West Virginia has two weeks to prepare. TCU just got physically beat up by OSU. Still, this is a toss up for me. West Virginia wins, 45-41.

3. Kansas @ Baylor: KU played UT extremely close. Still, I think they blew their opportunity for a conference win on that game. Baylor wins, 38-31.

4. UT @ Texas Tech: How the hell did we lose to these Longhorn clowns?! Oh, that's right. We didn't. Anyway, Tech's passing game is starting to fire on all cylinders. After a gut check loss to K-State, I think they are poised for a rebound. Texas Tech wins, 42-28.

5. OSU @ K State: Time to put the big boy pants on. KSU will be ready and they will be well disciplined. OSU is going to have to play a fast, physical game and hit them hard both on offense and defense from the very start. OSU has the better athletes and I think that helps them win in the end. OSU wins, 38-31.


1. OU @ Iowa State...This will be a tough game for both teams. The Cyclones have a physical defense, which the Sooners struggle with, but will greatly miss Jake Knot who is out for the season. Iowa State has no offense, which OU's defense will NOT struggle with. Sooners get back in the saddle, 31-3.

2. TCU @ West Virginia...My gut says TCU wins, but Dana has had two weeks to lick wounds and pound Red Bull. The Mountaineers are not a physical offense, like OSU, so I think the Horned Frogs defensive quickness will carry the day. TCU's offense will be very happy to get West Va's defense after last week. Horned Frogs piss in Dana's Red Bull cup, 42-28.

3. Kansas @ Baylor...Battle of the basement. Who cares. Baylor, 31-24.

4. Texas @ Tech...This is the beginning of a stretch for UT that could spell doom for Mack. The Longhorns should lose 2, but could lose 3 of their last 4. Red Raiders won't have any trouble getting back up for this after the thrashing they took in Manhattan. Tech, 31-17.

5. OSU @ Kansas State...Might not be the "match of the century," but it's definitely the "rematch of the century." Will be hard to top last year's shootout, last second drama, and earthquake, but I think this could be an even better game. OSU brings a more balanced and physical offense than ANY the Wildcats have faced this season, and the strength of the Cowboy defense is defending the run. Sans mistakes, OSU does what OU should have done. Cowboys in a "low scoring" affair, 38-31.


1. OU @ Iowa State: OU typically beats teams that suck and loses to good teams. Iowa State doesn't suck. Should be a good game...OU 31 ISU 28

2. TCU @ West Virginia: West Virginia will beat the shit out of TCU. Wheels fall off purple drug bus. WVU 56 TCU 23

3. Kansas @ Baylor: Yawn. Baylor 42 Kansas 20

4. UT @ Texas Tech: Tech Rolls in the LBK. 31-21

5. OSU @ K State: Couldn't really stop them last year and offense was much better. They are the same team, if not better. Sad day for OSU fans. KSU 28 OSU 24


OU 54 @ ISU 14 OU always feels like smashing below average teams after humiliations.

TCU 34 @ WVU 48 WVU gets back to it's offensive ways.

KU 17 @ BU 38 One of these teams is bound to win this game.

UT 21 @ TT 31 Tech gets on top early, rides Texas like a fat little girlfriend.

OSU 45 @ KSU 42 OSU's D-line has prescription for Klein: Pain.