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Questions With The Enemy: Bedlam Time

Joe Bendiez of Stormin In Norman stopped by to answer some questions about Saturdays game.

Brett Deering

Myself and Mr. Bendiez got together and had us a good old fashioned Q&A. You can find my answers to his questions here: Stormin In

1: How do you think the Sooner offensive line will hold up this weekend. It seems they're about as banged up there as I've ever seen.

The line is very thin, but they have played well above everyone's expectations after the injuries started piling on. Starting center Gabe Ikard has had a few bad weeks, but this line has not been devastating to OU's chances. Landry is capable of moving around in the pocket, and he is making throws this season that he did not make last. While the situation could be a lot better, OU's line should be fine, but it keeps feeling like we're one injury away from a total collapse.

2: Last weekend the Sooner D was torched for something like 2000 yards, and this weekend face the exact same system. What changes do you think need to be made, or are the coaches relying on the fact we don't have Tavon Austin.

Changes will be made, but I think the coaches will rely on the fact Tavon Austin won't be in Norman. The Sooners realize the Cowboys areSto a balanced offense, so the focus won't solely be on either the pass or run game. Oklahoma's run defense has been pathetic, so it may be time to call on more blitzes and not allow the Cowboys to chip away at the defense. Though, it would not surprise me to see OU stick with their usual game plan and purely limit the pass game, which they have done an excellent job of this season.

3: While still on defense, has Mike Stoops returning made the difference most Sooner fans were hoping for?

It has made a difference. The secondary last season was pitiful, but they have really turned it on this season (with the exception of last week.) Oklahoma has not been the defensive juggernaut they once were, but I think the change has been a successful one, and who doesn't think Bob and Mike Stoops firing back at each other and at the players doesn't make for great television?

4: What's the over under on Blake Bell apparences?

Honestly, I'd say Bell could get ten carries Saturday. This isn't a bad Oklahoma State defense, so you may see a few more short yardage situation for the Sooners, unless Landry Jones can create some big plays. Though, I just don't see this game featuring as many long touchdown plays with two of the best defenses in the league going toe-to-toe.

5: Your prediction?

It will be closer than most Sooners will prefer. As an Oklahoma fan, I don't want to think about Oklahoma State winning in Norman, but I think it is very plausible. I think the Sooners will jump out quick, but the Pokes will make it competitive. I see OU needing a late touchdown to put it out of reach, and will win 41-31. However, I would not be surprised if Oklahoma State won a nail-biter.

Bonus question: Call of Duty or Halo 4?

Honestly, the only video games I play are NCAA Football 13 and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. I never got the appeal of COD or Halo, but I have enjoyed many of the Halo soundtracks my buddies have shared with me through the years. So based off that logic, Halo 4.

Once again I'd like to thank Joe for taking the time to hang out with us for a bit, and as always:

Go Pokes