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Bedlam 2012 Game Thread

The Oklahoma State Cowboys travel down Interstate 35 today to take on the #14 Oklahoma Sooners in Norman, Oklahoma.


From CRFF's AUKingOState

God damn I hate OU, I hate their colors, I hate their fans, I hate their medical school, I hate their city, I hate their biggest rival. I hate that there aren't two OU's so I could double my hate.

If there was a force Darth Vader would be my bitch, the hate is strong with me. I hate I-35 through Norman, the fucker is always under construction. I hate the mile of cars and their aggressive sales people. I hate the fact I graduated from Norman high, and were it not for my enormous self love I'd probably kill myself. I hate that Barry Switzer is a dog person, he probably killed that dog himself just to post a reward and make himself look good.

I hate their shitty stadium and its tetanus inducing seating. I hate both of Jason whites knees. I hate they fired Jeff Capel, I loved watching them suck. I hate sonny Galloway for his stupid prick mustache. I hate both their mascots, especially the LSD donkey. I hate mike stoops because he stomps kittens. I hate Bob Stoops because he's a quivering pussy. I hate Tommy Harris because he beats women. I hate Kenny stills because he dresses like a woman. I hate OU, and I'm proud.

This is your Bedlam 2012 Game Thread. GO POKES!