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FULL BEDLAM RECAP: Oklahoma 51, Oklahoma State 48

Like "The Drop," this image will be forever burned in my memory.

Brett Deering

This sucked.

Worse than any previous Bedlam heartache I had witnessed. EVER.

Might not be that way for everyone else, but it was for me. It was because I also carried the heartache of another fan with me.

My mother.

At 93, I can't remember the last time she really got into the game. She normally isn't watching it with anyone, and can't see well enough most of the time to truly tell exactly what is going on.

But Saturday was different.

She was able to sit close enough to my TV that she could tell for the most part what was going on. She yelled at the TV a few times. She kept asking me what the score was, and were we still ahead. She came out of her seat when Josh Stewart went to the house on that first play after half.

And she shed a tear when it ended. I kicked a bean bag chair halfway across the living room.

We both recovered enough to eat dinner, but she then retired to bed. The game took a lot out of her. I can't imagine what it took out of the players.

We will heal. We always do. We are OSU fans.

But I can tell you, without question...I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR'S BEDLAM. I hope my Mom's last Bedlam memory is an ass whipping of the level only the Sooners deserve.

Now that I've had time to reflect, here are few observations:

  • I love Clint Chelf. He has been tremendous in leading the Cowboys down the home stretch. But a 50% completion rate, balls regularly thrown high and behind receivers, is why he ended up 3rd in the QB competition. His performance in his first road game, in Norman to boot, was fantastic, and the loss can't be placed at his doorstep. The throw that got picked off should be caught by a receiver the caliber of Josh Stewart. That's two of those on Stewart this season; Wes and J.W....get healed up and continue to improve, please;
  • Just to revisit the QB situation...
    J.W. Walsh 103 155 1469 66.5 9.48 14.26 11 3 165.6
    Wes Lunt 80 128 1096 62.5 8.56 13.7 6 7 139
    Clint Chelf 72 124 1058 58.1 8.53 14.69 10 4 149.9

    A 1,000 yard rusher (Randle)...a 1,000 yard receiver (Stewart)...and THREE 1,000 yard passers.
  • Speaking of Stewart, he is OSU's version of Ryan Broyles. I can't wait for at least 1 more year of him. For each whiff like the interception, he makes a great catch like the 1 handed spectacular down the seem that kept a drive going;
  • Ok Squinky, you showed the old school stuff I'm used to...ball bounces off our receiver right to an OU defender as we are driving for a likely TD that might have tipped the momentum permanently in OSU's favor. Ball goes through our defenders hands CLEANLY, tipped by the OU receiver and caught for a TD. A blatant, obvious block in the back near where the punt was fielded was missed. TD. That was all it took. Well played;
  • OU's pass defense did their job. Minus the Stewart TD and the trick play to Chelf, OSU averaged less than 10 yards per completion. They came in averaging 15.2, leading the Big 12.
  • OSU's pass defense didn't do theirs, and it's not as much on the secondary as most would like to think. OU came in averaging 8.5 ypa and 12.7 ypc in Big 12 play. The defense held them to 7.0 ypa and 10.7 ypc. The problem with that is that the Sooners had 47 completions on 73 attempts. If you are going to play a cushion and keep things in front of you, then the front 7 better get to the QB enough to be a problem. That was not the case Saturday. Landry was rarely hassled, and given time you will see more good Landry than bad Landry. OSU's blitzes were predictable and overt. Kenny Stills said "they didn't do anything we didn't expect."
  • Caleb Lavey. Stick your helmet in the guys chest, not on his shoelaces.
  • I don't know about anyone else, but did OU's possession in OT feel like Iowa State from last season?
  • TOP...36:13 to 23:17...first downs...44 to plays...103 to 79. OU had five drives of 10+ plays. Gundy was full of shit when he said in the post game presser that the defense wasn't gassed. They were on the field all but 49 seconds of the last 10:25. That last drive by OU...17 plays, 86 yards...sucked the life out of that unit;
  • That being said, since 2008, OSU has posted 4 of their 5 highest scores in Bedlam history. Three of those were losses. If the Cowboys want to be contenders, the defense needs to come along a little more with the offense. We saw last year that the defense contributing all the turnovers was a HUGE part of a CHAMPIONSHIP run. While the defense may have been improved in yardage and 3rd down stops this season, the complete lack of turnovers and bad penalties in key situations led to something more akin to 2010 on that side of the ball;
  • OU got 4 first downs on penalties;
  • OSU won the turnover battle. A lot of good that did us;
  • Offense, you did a very good job. Except for 3 punts on 10 plays in the 4th quarter. The defense stops OU on downs with 7 minutes left in the game. You go 3 and out and use up 49 seconds. That was your moment, and you didn't make a sound;
  • 1 recruit and 2 transfers. That's the difference in OU's WR corp from 2011. Wow. If they can find someone to throw the ball to them next year, that's a pretty stout bunch;
Now it's on to Baylor, and they better have their heads up and eyes open, or what happened to Kansas State could happen to them.

Going forward, I'm SOOOOO excited for next season. The upside for this team, with all the talent coming back, is ridiculous. If they are picked any lower than 2nd in the conference in next year's preseason rankings (and should get some love at #1), then I would be shocked. Let's hope everyone that can come back, will, including Monken.

Time now to do a little more healing. It sucked some more to have to look at the stats for this post. I'll get Mom on the plane tomorrow morning, then set about moving on to the trip to Waco.

This one's gonna hurt for a while, but it's pretty safe to say that Bedlam is not going to be the one-sided affair it has been historically. Looking forward to next season's Bedlam, which assumes its rightful place as the last game of the regular season. Don't be surprised if the Big 12 title is on the line.