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THE COACHING CAROUSEL: All it takes is one...vice that is...

Guys, don't even go there.

I call bullshit.

Either it is, or I just might jump off the football choo choo.

A little chatter has surfaced that Gundy would consider leaving OSU for a "greener" pasture (ie: more money, bigger program).

Apparently he would do this because of conflicts, personality or otherwise, with Holder and Pickens, even though this is his "NY Yankees" job.

Last time I checked, these guys aren't The Beatles.

After all the work..all the negotiations...all the combined effort of these three to build EXACTLY what each wanted...for that to all blow up so quickly because somebody got their knickers in a twist over ego or greed, or both, well, I call bullshit.

If it's true, they should all be trotted outside naked and placed in a small enclosed area together. Figure it out, make peace, then you can come out and play with the rest of us...with your clothes on. Hell, I'm sure we could sell out BPS for that.

If it's not true, then the media folk attempting to create a story for themselves need to STFU. Don't go creating a problem where there isn't one. Maybe there is SOME friction, but it's the kind you would expect with three strong egos.

OSU football is in rarefied air. The Cowboys could go 7-5 this season and we would NOT be satisfied...8-4 would be enough for us to eagerly await next season. That's awesome. I remember well the days when ANY winning record was celebrated.

And it's all because of these three men. Would they so quickly toss it aside for pettiness one year after the greatest football season in school history, a season that opened the door to so much hope and pride?

Or should I point my finger at the media, many of whom wouldn't give a shit what happened to the program as long as it gave them something to write about so they could feel relevant.

Either way, I don't like it, and if it were up to me, Gundy would stop playing "injury secrets" with all these openings. Just say you aren't going anywhere. That simple. Ends the nonsense. Keeps the focus on what it should be.

Teaching young men and winning football games.