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GAME DAY THOUGHTS: How to kill time...

Gonna be a long time is 8pm on the east coast...

· Love how ESPN virtually refuses to truly hype the OSU-KState game. I know they have a nice promo running, but all the pundits and media keep yapping about is Bama-LSU and USC-Oregon. How short their memories must be.

The SEC tilt will be another snooze fest, and I don’t care how much you try to talk yourself into believing that USC can pull another upset, I think Oregon blitzes them off the field.

· This is going to be a long day waiting for 8pm EST. I like to break the day up into parts, so first comes a bar Mitzvah @ 10:30…then the afternoon slate of games…TCU-WVa…UT-Tech…KU-Baylor (yes, I would LOVE to see the Jayhawks pull it off)…mildly interested in Pitt-Notre Dame, if only to see the Irish lose now that they are NOT playing OU.

Then the last 90 minutes will be filled with uniform updates and who is or isn’t dressed for the game (injuries or the scuttlebutt that Barnett might not play). This is the part that will drag.

· Is anyone partially distracted by thoughts of hoops? I know I am.

· Would be nice if Justin Gilbert picked this game to actually realize how good he can be.

· Would be REALLY nice if Wes Lunt picked this game to explode onto the national stage…in a good way…

· Had a brief Twitter chat with @stillh20dad over the last 18 hours about how we feel going into the game.

I have a pretty strong feeling about it, just not sure what it is other than something unexpected will happen tonight. I hope that means and OSU blowout…

· Will be looking forward to all the OSU eyewitness reports and pics. Didn’t go to many, but loved when we traveled for games.

· Given that it will be this year and next before we see a playoff in Div 1, I think I am willing to commit my football soul to Squinky in order to guarantee complete BCS chaos. The last thing I want at this point is for them to actually get it right.

Except, of course, if “getting it right” means OSU wins…

Travel safe, enjoy the game, and