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Poll: 2012 Election Edition

Screw exit polls, tell Cowboys Ride For Free who you are voting for and how you think the Cowboys are doing this season.

Donald Miralle

Today we elect a president. This election day finds the Cowboys in a less sure, and let's not beat around the bush, more dismal state than they found themselves in four years ago. The Saturday before President Obama was elected to his first term, OSU had dismantled Iowa State 59-17 behind an established quarterback who could rack up yards on the ground and in the air, a wide receiver who caught everything thrown at him, and a running back that was routinely best in conference. The talents of Zac Robinson, Dez Bryant, and Kendall Hunter had the Cowboys ranked in the top ten and on their way to the best Cowboy season in two decades. And 2008 was only the preface to what would happen at the Boone three years into Obama's term in 2011. Oh, how fortunes can rise and fall in the span of one presidential administration.

This season has seen three different quarterbacks, an wide receiver core that has changed week to week due to injury, and the talents of Joesph Randle, the only consistent bright spot on the team. The Cowboys are not doing entirely horrible this season, until the loss to K-State they had a fair chance to defend the Big 12 title, but the team has yet to become bowl eligible and faces perhaps the hardest three game stretch on the schedule. With today being the day to decide on important matters of state, it is also a good time to determine the state of where we thought this team would be at this point in the season. Are things going as well as you though they would? I, the former Yachoffsmirnoff, and current T. Garth Pickens, predicted a 9-3 record for the team that seemed pessimistic at the start of the season, but is down right optimistic now.

Besides what you think of the season, tell us who you voted for, or as an American, you have the option to tell us that who you voted for is none of our damn business. What A Country!