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Is Clint Chelf OSU's Savior?

Little did anyone know that playing Savannah State would teach us more than just Savannah State really, really, sucks. Yes indeed, OSU got something for its three hundred thousand dollars. We got an 84 point smackdown, and we learned that OSU has three quarterbacks on the team that could play anywhere in the country. But which is right for the Cowboys, right now? Enter Clint Chelf.

Ed Zurga

The quarterback situation at OSU this season has been tentative and temporary, at best. Only two quarterbacks have started games, both freshmen, Wes Lunt and J.W. Walsh. Both have proved that they have something within their talents to run a high-octane offense. One has shown that he has a cannon of an arm, the other that he can pick up yards on the ground. Both are talented kids that have a bright future. Both have also showed through injury and turnovers that they are still inexperienced freshman quarterbacks. A third, Clint Chelf, hasn't started, but thanks to a 230 yard half, OSU fans are beginning to think he should.

Wes Lunt started off the game right, with a good over the middle score, but as the game progressed his youth and inexperience gave way to turnovers when OSU needed scores the most. Lunt alone cannot be blamed for the loss to K-State. It was a team effort. Joesph Randle gave up a costly fumble, the OSU defense could not stop Colin Klein or his back-up, and the return coverage was a bad joke.

What was most jarring about the whole game was I had never seen upchucking on the sidelines covered by TV cameramen as earnestly as it was in Lunt's case. The shots of the upchucking was as if ABC sports was highlighting Lunt's unwillingness to play. In the few frames that I glimpsed, Lunt looked like a sick man trying to desperately prove he was sick to the coaching staff, but couldn't produce the gastrointestinal evidence to prove it. Vomit or not, Lunt did not look like a man who wanted to go back in to the game. Chelf then went in and seemed to provide a spark of instant confidence until the Wildcats ran out he clock.

Chelf threw a pick of his own, doesn't seem to have the arm of Lunt, has legs but is not quite as nimble or fast as Walsh, yet Chelf may possess something more intangible. Experience and maturity.

Chelf should start Saturday to see if he has the right tools at his disposal. It will give Lunt time to heal, and give Chelf a chance to prove that he has the material to win out the rest of the games and take down OU in Norman in two weeks. Coaches may not have seen the "It" factor in Chelf yet, but everyone knows where Brandon Weeden started out: third string....