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The Wildcats have a strangle hold on the trophy after beating OSU...or will Klein's injury derail the Taco Bell Express?


Three weeks of picks are in the books, and King has surged into the lead. Sam and T Garth Sanders are doing their best imitations of Baylor and Kansas...

WEEK 8 3 4.5 5.5 5 3.5 3.5
WEEK 9 3.8 4 7 5.5 5.5 2
WEEK 10 2.6 6.5 2 4 3 2.5
TOTAL 9.4 15 14.5 14.5 12 8

King's push came on 4 correct picks PLUS 2.5 points for the actual scores of the games, as well as some bad picks by the rest of us. We all whiffed on Tech.

King Royal Whetsell Cincy T-G-S Actual
OU @ Iowa State OU 35-14 OU 42-14 OU 31-3 OU 31-28 OU 54-14 OU 35-20
TCU @ West Va TCU 31-21 WV 45-41 TCU 42-28 WV 56-23 WV 48-34 TCU 39-38
Kansas @ Baylor Baylor 42-9 Baylor 38-31 Baylor 31-24 Baylor 42-20 Baylor 38-17 Baylor 41-14
UT @ Tech Tech 27-11 Tech 42-28 Tech 31-17 Tech 31-21 Tech 31-21 Texas 31-22
OSU @ K-State K-State 34-30 OSU 38-31 OSU 38-31 K-State 28-24 OSU 45-42 K-State 44-30
TOTAL 6.5 2 4 3 2.5 2.6

We have a combination of useless and interesting games this week...

Sam King Royal Whetsell Cincy T-G-S
Iowa St @ Texas Hasn't been seen since emerging from that Nebraska hotel, mumbling something about Johnny Rodgers and needing to speak to Coach Switzer Hasn't been heard from since calling in to let us know he found Sam in some seedy Nebraska hotel. Texas 42-31 Texas 31-21 Texas 34-14 Texas 45-17
Kansas @ Tech Tech 35-21 Tech 31-7 Tech 44-10 Tech 45-14
Baylor @ OU OU 48-24 OU 62-17 OU 65-16 OU 45-12
K-State @ TCU K-State 38-17 K-State 31-14 K-State 34-17 K-State 45-28
WV @ OSU OSU 42-24 OSU 55-28 OSU 31-28 OSU 56-48


Kansas @ Texas Tech: I'm holding out hope that Kansas will win at least one conference game this year....but this isn't it. Texas Tech wins, 35-21.

KSU @ TCU: Colin Klein will play. K-State will win. Yada yada. Fuck, I hate that they are going to go undefeated. KSU wins, 38-17.

Iowa State @ Texas: If this game were in Aimes, I think the outcome may be different. Texas wins, 42-31.

Baylor @ OU: Baylor will score points. But they will give up at least twice as many. OU wins, 48-24.

WV @ OSU: Whether the QB is Lunt or Chelf, WV isn't going to stop the offense. On the other end, the OSU defense continues to get better despite Justin Gilbert trying to drag it down. OSU wins convincingly, 42-24.


Iowa State @ Texas...I honestly don't know what to expect from this game, except that it might be low scoring...which means it won't be...going with the home team...Texas 31, Iowa State 21

Kansas @ Tech...not sure why I'm chuckling looking at this game, but I am. Tech 31, Kansas 7

Baylor @ OU...please please please oh please please please please....I can always hope, right? Nah. OU 62, Baylor 17

Kansas State @ TCU...This prediction is all about Klein. Even if he starts, he is a physical QB, and that head injury will play a role in the Wildcat game plan. The good thing is that TCU is fast, but not necessarily that physical on defense. Closer game than expected, but Snyder will show up at Taco Bell a little before midnight with a smile on his face...Kansas State 31, TCU 14.

Red Bull Express returns to Stilly...This is arguably the game that everyone couldn't wait for when the season began, and while it has lost a bit of its luster, it is still of great intrigue on a couple of levels...Holgs returns, who starts at QB for OSU, and both teams are trying to get bowl eligible. In the end, the OSU defense will be better at slowing down the opposition than their counterparts. OSU 55, West Virginia 28


Kansas @ Texas Tech: Fuck Texas. Tech 44 KU 10

KSU @ TCU: Fuck Texas. KSU 34 TCU 17

Iowa State @ Texas: FuckTexas 34 ISU 14

Baylor @ OU: Fuck OU 65 BU 16

WV @ OSU: Fuck OU. OSU 31 WVU 28


Kansas @ Texas Tech: Kansas' first win? Fuck no. Tech rolls. TT 45 - KU 14

KSU @ TCU: Will K-State lose their first game? Only if Snyder is too
busy banging your grandma... Pull your head out of your ass. KSU 45 - TCU 28

Iowa State @ Texas: Can Iowa State beat Texas? Does Natural Light taste like shit? That's up to you, reader, cause It's all relative. Texas 45 Iowa State 17

Baylor @ OU: Who wins? Have you recently imbibed of your crack pipe, friend? This is Baylor and it's no longer 2011, dung for brains. OU 45 - Baylor 12

WVU @ OSU: Lock up your energy drinks, your daughters, your skydiving equipment, stay out of casinos, make sure you are up on your shots, and crank the 'Sussudio' to ninety if you haven't already cause the HOLGO is fucking back. This time HOLGO is bringing his own liquor and high-powered offense, but West Virginia will have to provide the $1,546.97 ($1,000 for cocaine, $500 for hookers, $46.97 for a night at the 'Motel Six') it costs, per day, for HOLGO to live. Led by Chelf, OSU outlasts WVU, 56 - 48.