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West Virginia defenders go through drills at the practice field outside Milan Puskar Stadium.

Jared Wickerham


They aren't very good.

Our staff struggled mightily to come up with appropriate description and analysis of the Mountaineers' defensive unit, but alas, not even the Nobel Peace Prize winning writers at CRFF would muster adequate prose to describe what only Baylor fans can possibly understand.

So we decided to share the brief email exchange that took place when we were deciding who would handle the offensive and defensive previews this week.

Here you go...


King...which are you going to do this week? Defense would be the easiest...


- "There will be no defensive preview this week, as West Virginia does not field a team on that side of the ball."

- "There is no information available as West Virginia is still in the 'research & development' stage on that side of the ball."

What do you think?


Well, I'm not real busy, but either is cool. I think I'll try defense, and try to explain why they suck. If possible.


If you think you can explain why they suck, more power to you. I'd be more inclined to just say they suck.

Cincy (ever the optimist):

As sure as you say they suck, they'll have the defensive performance of the season. Be careful with that.


They could have "their" defensive performance of the year, and we should still score 50.


Here's the scoop folks...and it ain't rocket science....

Remember our beloved Joe DeForest? They are calling him Joe eForest.

Baylor has surrendered 63, 45, 49, 55, and 31 (TCU in regulation, not counting OT) in conference play. Now before you go singing their praises for showing improvement on that last one, the Horned Frogs gave the ball away 3 times. WV completely sold out to stop the run, holding TCU to under 3 ypc, and dared them to beat them through the air. That almost didn't happen, as the Horned Frogs only completed 13 of 30 pass attempts. That could look a bit confusing, as both stats look really bad for TCU, but when see that they averaged 21.5 yards per completion, then you start to understand. The punctuation on the day, even though it was in regulation, was the pass play that tied the game. People can get fired for coaching a defense that allows that.

The two highest point totals surrendered? Happened at home. I guess that's a plus for them, as they are on the road this week.

If Choo Choo can manage to NOT throw the ball directly to West Virginia defenders, this will not be a fair fight.

Then again, Cincy could be right.

And there's always Squinky...

GO POKES!!! (and CCCMFC!!!!!)