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David Yost: The Next O.C. at O-State?

There are rumblings that former Mizzou O.C. David Yost has been offered the same position at Oklahoma State.

Reports from the Columbia Daily Tribune have asserted that OSU has offered the newly vacated position of offensive coordinator to the former O.C. of the University of Missouri. David Yost was the QB coach since 2001, and has ran the offense at Missouri since 2009 before stepping down after this year's injury plagued 5-7 first SEC season. Yost has not as of yet taken the position, but you know he will. Who would turn T. Boone and his "come swim in a giant vault full of gold coins" offer down?

Yost is a spread offense guy that was able to develop some strong quarterbacks like Blaine Gabbert and Chase Daniel. His offenses utilize more run, and favor a mobile quarterback. His rushing core was able to earn 244 ypg to win the Big 12 rushing title last year. On the other hand, OSU was able to shut down Yost's offenses (some, namely I, might say easily) in 2009 and 2011.

Now, the important question: who does David Yost look like? This guy couldn't look more like Harry Dunne from "Dumb and Dumber" than if OSU went out and bought Jeff Daniels. Yost's mop of yellow hair deepens my belief that college football coach is one of a limited number of professions where ridiculous hair is not only allowed, but encouraged, the only other being rock star. Weird hair or no, if Yost accepts let's hope he can keep the OSU offense rolling.