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OSU to Play Florida State at Cowboys Stadium in 2014

If the world doesn't end, that is.


If the world doesn't end today, and if we are not pushed into some dystopic, non-college football having, "Mad-Max"-type existence by the "fiscal cliff", the Oklahoma State football team will play Florida State in the "Cowboys Classic" at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on August 30, 2014. The game will be the second neutral site meeting for the Cowboys in as many years after the planned matchup with Mississippi State in Reliant Stadium in 2013.

2013 and 2014's non-con schedules follow the Gundy pattern of having one fairly good team chased by two ringers. The recent M. Gundy v M. Holder hub-bub in the media points to maybe a concession here by Gundy who is known to want a non-con schedule that he is totally assured to win. Florida State, even in a neutral site, is not a game that Gundy can be assured to win. Losing to them is a definite risk, but the payoff is huge in an early matchup. FSU is not always a great team, but historically they are, more years than not, a good team. It is tough to tell how the Seminoles will be year to year, but they are a name program, and it looks good if you beat them.

In 2015, Gundy, if he is not the coach of the Texas Longhorns by then or Boone Pickens Stadium is not being used to shelter thousands of indigents like some sort of modern Hooverville, will finally get his break in the non-con schedule dept. That year will see Central Arkansas, UTSA, and at Central Michigan. 2016, if humanity is not slave to alien overlords being harvested for plasma and carbon, will have one more yet unannounced game. If Gundy gets his wish that game will be against New Mexico State; if Holder gets his wish it'll be Alabama.

Whatever the non-con crystal ball holds, fans can be confident that OSU will always have T. Boone's money. Especially when world oil reserves dry up next week and the world is set upon an apocalyptic, but completely wind-powered, horizon.