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Heart of Dallas Bowl 2013: Purdue vs. Oklahoma State: Early Preview and a Cocktail

Oklahoma State will face Purdue in the official replacement of the Cotton Bowl Classic.


The second ever Heart of Dallas bowl will take place on New Year's Day and feature the Oklahoma State Cowboys versus the Purdue Boilermakers. The two teams may seem worlds apart but when you take a closer look, they actually have quite a bit in common.

Oklahoma State was good, then we were bad, then we got jobbed, then we were good, then we got jobbed again and then we were bad. Now we find ourselves playing a 6-6 Purdue team that has lost their coach in the original Cotton Bowl. Funny thing is, we might not have a coach by the time we play either.

I've just started diving in to the Boilermakers strengths and weaknesses and from what I can tell initially, it looks like they've got pretty balanced offense and rely on their defense to win ball games. 6-6 in the Big 10 doesn't look good on paper but these guys played within 3 points of Notre Dame on the road and lost by a touchdown to Ohio State in overtime, again on the road.

We'll have more game analysis but for now I'll leave you with the official drink of these wild and crazy kids from Indiana.

The Boilermaker

1 Beer
1 Shot of Blended Whiskey

Pour a shot of whiskey in a shot glass. Fill a pint glass with beer. Drop the shot glass in the beer and chug.

Good Times!