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Mike Gundy Stays...Or Does He?

Mike Gundy was the new head coach of Arkansas today and then he wasn't. So what's next?

Cooper Neill

Nearly all outlets across Arkansas were reporting that Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy would become the replacement of Bobby Petrino - and then he wasn't.

It is my opinion that Oklahoma State donors and people in the Athletic department want all of the perks of being a Big Boy program. But the reality is that they are no where near being prepared for the consequences.

Mike Holder is in over his head. Mike Gundy's agent, Jimmy Sexton, is a fucking pitbull. Like any good agent, he wants what is best for his clients. In this case, that involves pimping Gundy's name out to every "decent" opportunity in College Football.

I don't think it's any mystery that OSU donors and the people in the Athletic Department aren't used to dealing with people like this. Anyone remember Orange Peel? However, this is to be expected when you have a top notch program ran by a top notch head coach.

It's safe to say we're just getting started. Tennessee is looking for a head coach and that thing will bubble up very soon. The college coaching carousel is one that is dynamic. Oklahoma State will deal with this each and every time a coaching vacancy appears in the SEC. That's just the reality of being a big time head coach with a flirting problem.

What remains to be seen is how far Gundy will take it.