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HE SAID, SHE SAID: The Drama that is OSU Football.

As with so many things in life, we won't find out the truth until it is over.

Tara's tweet put things in perspective for me.

The bottom line is this...

Gundy is shopping. That's all we know. The rest is pure speculation. What we do know is something is amiss with Gundy's relationship with the braintrust that is the athletic department and $$$ (Holder/Boone).

The rumor mill has already started it's Tennessee. Job offered, now looks like turned down. Details will eventually surface. Did Gundy end up with what he wanted, because he obviously wanted something, or this wouldn't have happened.

This is what happens when you venture into the world of "big time" football and "big time" egos.

I will never hold it against Gundy that he is dangling his toes in the water. The company will always do what is best for the company. If he wants what is best for him, then he has to look out for that himself. That's the hard truth of business, and don't ever forget that this is a business.

I recently dangled my toes in the water, just to see what I was worth. This is, after all, my first position of this stature. I've been here almost 6 years, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't being "discounted." Guess what? My boss found out. During my review, while he was dancing around the issue, I told him "Why don't you just ask me the question?" He did. I told him exactly what I was doing, that I really didn't have any interest in leaving at the moment. He understood, said his wife had done the exact same thing. I ended up with a 6% raise. It was risky, but it ended up being worth it.

Now, would I do that again? No, not anytime soon for money. But if there were issues other than money that I was really having a problem with, issues that I felt were holding me back from doing my job, issues with which I was very dissatisfied or unhappy about, then I might, especially if I already knew the company had no inclination to address those issues. That would be my only potential leverage, and only if I was valued. Dangerous game to play, but necessary.

As the cliche goes, "Choose your battles carefully."

And if I left, then both of us would move on, for better or worse. Employees and customers might not like it, but in a year or two that would begin to fade away, especially if the next person in my position was successful. Business is business, and it keeps moving, regardless of how we feel about it.

The nature of the $$ is WAY different than in my world, but the process is not.

It is silly to see it play out in such a messed up way, but that happens all the time in big business. CEO's...stockholders...employees...power struggles...

And it does make for quite the free entertainment for us, the customer.

But, as Tara said above, regardless of what happens I'm on #TeamOkstate.