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TCU Mascot Change

I've received an email from a friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, of a draft of a news release TCU pans on giving out in a few days. There is a little bit of text, but first you need to see the new mascot changes:


The text reads:

"Dear Students, Faculty, Alumni, and Friends,

In light of recent events involving several students and athletes, we have decided it is in the University's best interest to modify our beloved mascot, Superfrog. We feel this change reflects the true identity of the University, and our wonderful students. In considering these changes, we reached out to our friends at Clemson University. The suggested the subtle, yet significant change that would help maintain our traditional values, yet show the world what we stand for. I know many of you are worried about the recent legal troubles facing several of our students and athletes, but rest assured, the University takes these charges very seriously, and will do everything necessary to restore your faith in TCU. Thank you, and

Go Frogs"

Well there you go, TCU is already working on damage control. Just hope they have enough players left to field a team next year.

Go Pokes