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3 Possible Scenarios for the 2012 Oklahoma State Football Team

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Scenario #1 – The System Works

Yes, we lost Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon but the system that made those guys doesn’t fail. The O-Line continues to dominate, we continue to run the ball with authority and Wes Lunt steps in and develops a quick rapport with Tracy or Charlie Moore. The defense continues to improve and "L2M" shirts are created. Anything less than 9 wins under this scenario would be a step back.

Scenario #2 – A QB Controversy

Remember when Gundy had Weeden behind Alex Cate? Could it happen again? Right now, Wes Lunt has earned the starting job. But what if he just isn't as good in the games as he looks in practice? I was talking to a Texas friend of mine who said that Garrett Gilbert was "supposed" to be a good QB. Could that happen to us? Is Lunt the best choice? I think I have faith in Gundy, but he did play Alex Cate over Brandon Weeden.

Scenario #3 – Lack of Identity

Who is the leader of this team? Oklahoma State has had the good fortune of great leadership over the last 2 seasons. The coaching staff couldn’t say enough about the effect Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon had on the team.The defense will miss Markelle Martin and Richetti Jones. So who will assume these roles? IWill it be a Freshman QB? Is it the defense? Is it Joe Randle? Who will the team lean on in crunch time?

Overall, 2012 will be a big year for the state of Oklahoma State Football. The talent level is higher than it’s ever been, and the coaching staff had done a good job developing superstars. After all, there was a time when we were asking ourselves, "who will replace Robinson and Dez?"

I have faith in the coaching staff, and the system – but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.