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Bedlam Recap: 12 points? 12 points.


1. Yeah, so 12 points in a half of basketball is never going to get it done. Ever.

2. Nash seemed intimidated, overwhelmed and lost.

3. Keiton shot his way out of a cold spell. That is what good shooters do.

4. Toby Keith sucks really really bad.

5. The Cowboys set a Big 12 record for fewest points in a half. Congrats!

6. Travis Ford just wants this to be over. Sure, he'll take a win but he wants to restart.

7. I'm shocked that there are any OU fans at the games in Norman.

8. Markel Brown is a beast that isn't done growing.

9. This team is getting better, just not there yet. Next season will come with expectations of a tourney appearance.

10. Reid Gettys is insane.

11. Word is Nash has a cast on and T Ford is "worried" - uh oh.

12. OU is still terrible