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Oklahoma State vs. Missouri: Keiton Page Continues His Tourney Dominance

Thank you Texas Tech. Thank you very very much.
Thank you Texas Tech. Thank you very very much.

Well that was fun.

Oklahoma State dominated Texas Tech again and while winning is always fun, it doesn't always feel right when the competition isn't there. Texas Tech is not a good basketball team. I'll leave it at that. The Cowboys advance though and will have another crack at the Missouri Tigers. Rock M Nation has a pretty good preview if you're in to that kind of thing. Pistols Guy previews them as well.

Know Your Quarterfinal Rival: Oklahoma State - Rock M Nation

Previewing Mizzou | Pistols Firing

Bottom line here is that Missouri is a damn good team and we're playing them in Kansas City. Some say it's a recipe for disaster. I say it's March Madness. We're not supposed to beat them, but we've shown that it's possible once already this year. That's in their heads whether they'll admit it or not.

Here's how we're gonna win this game, after the jump.

1. Keiton Page continues his push for Big 12 Tourney MVP with a solid 28 point performance.

2. Markel Brown kicks in another 20 and tops the dunk that put #LobStilly on the map. Take that, Take that.

3. Mike Cobbins holds his own inside and delivers a Double Double. 10 points/10 rebounds. Hooold Myyyyyy

4. Brian Williams has another solid game with 16 points and a few dunks himself. Boom.

5. Soucek, Cezar, Sager and whoever else plays contribute QUALITY minutes. Good defense. A few points each.

Oklahoma State 81 Missouri 78