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Oklahoma State Basketball: Until next time...

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Being an Oklahoma State basketball fan seems to get harder each and every year. The program has been riddled with transfers, injuries, no shows, legal issues and bad luck for a while now.

Is it coaching? Maybe.

Is there a division one program that has dealt with as much in as little time? Probably not.

Is it just the valley that you must go through when you have several years of success? Hopefully.

But the past is the past. It's over. The Cowboys have about as much talent, when healthy, as they've had in years. Markel Brown, Le'Bryan Nash, Brian Williams and Mike Cobbins are underclassmen that have played big minutes. That experience will pay dividends next season.

The addition of incoming freshman Marcus Smart, by all accounts, is huge. JPO should be back. Cezar will get better. Jurick can fight back from Achilles surgery and give us big minutes. The point is, we have talent. What we need know is a little luck. 2 bad seasons in a row is unacceptable. Travis Ford has to know that it's time to get these Cowboys dancing again.

Perhaps our time spent in the valley is over. We've paid our dues. It happens to the best of 'em.

Until next time coach.