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Oklahoma State Spring Game: 5 Burning Questions

Can the defense carry us back to Glendale? Does Montgomery know where he is? Does Andrew Luck have a mucus problem? Yes, no, defiantly.
Can the defense carry us back to Glendale? Does Montgomery know where he is? Does Andrew Luck have a mucus problem? Yes, no, defiantly.

No, that sensation you feel is not your VD flaring up, it's the questions you have about the spring game 2012. I've determined the 5 most important questions (I'm that good), and will try to give you an answer to those (but I will fail). Let's kick this pig-

1: Which quarterback will win the starting job?

Let's get the big one out of the way first, shall we? Prior to the start of spring ball, I was certain Clint Chelf, but as time has gone by and he hasn't take the reigns, I'm beginning to feel he will be stuck as a 4 year backup. He has the most time in the system, the most experience, and yet he can't beat out redshirt freshman J.W. Walsh, or true freshman (who's prom is next week) Wes Lunt. To me that mean's he's not the guy, and as much as I am a Chelf fan, if he can't win it outright, I say roll the dice with a young guy who will be the "future". From what I've heard (I still have a source or two at the school. All those jibber's are being rewarded), Walsh is the best "playmaker", Lunt is the best passer, and Chelf is the best leader. Well, when I hear that I interpret it as:

Lunt is a stud and will be our qb soon-

Walsh can scramble but has a noodle arm (and being compared to Colt McCoy isn't good if you want people to think you have a cannon for an arm. Or aren't a pussy)-

Chelf is losing to two freshman, his era is over with before it bega-

So, who do I think will start in August? Right now, a day before the spring game, my money is on Walsh, with Lunt redshirting. If Chelf does win it, I think we'll see a change by October (which means we'd have lost about 5 games)

Hump the jump for the other questions-

2: Which receiver will step up and fill Justin Blackmon's shoes?

My money was on Michael Harrison, before he got das boot (Beerfest rules), so that has me more interested in the wide out's this spring than the qb. I think the safe bet is Tracy Moore, he's big, has great hands, and is outside of being a little faster than Blackmon, seems to be a carbon copy. If he can get his route running down, and cope with being "the man", I think he can be another 1000 yard receiver for us. Another possibility is C.J. Curry, the freshman stud from Flowery Branch GA. Both of those boy's are listed at 6'2", so at the least we'll have some size over cornerbacks there. Issiah Anderson is still around too, let's not forget about him.

Who do I think? I'm going crazy, but my guess is Tracy Moore. I think Curry will be the better receiver when it's all over, but asking a freshman to dominate that position is asking a lot.

3: Will the defense actually be good this year?

I'm thinking yes, we will actually have a good defense this year. Which is handy, as we will probably need to rely on a good defense and punishing running game to win this year. I'm not saying the passing game will disappear, but it will probably take a step back (although only a baby step). With new comers like Calvin Barnett and Seth Jacobs, returning stars like Brodrick Brown and Daytawion Lowe, and a new Bill Young who determined he likes to rush the quarterback, I'd say we have chance at having a good group this year. I'm not saying top 10, but I am saying top 30, and in this league, that's probably good enough.

4: How important will the running game be?

Very important. Last year we set up the run with the pass. This year we will set up the run with the run. And then run some more. And then, maybe after we run it even more, we'll go over the top with a pass. The Randle-Smiff express needs to be in high gear this season, with a sprinkling of Herschel Sims to get things rolling. As long as Joe Wickline is our offensive line coach, our line will be sick (hell, Mack Brown and Jerry Jones tried to steal him). I think, if we set out to run with the same intensity we set out to pass with last year, we can have two 15000 yard rushers. And, to be honest, we will need them to do just that.

5: Will the Grillaroni return?

This one should be number one. What the fuck happened to my god damned Grillaroni's? Without those, how else can my cholesterol jump 50 points in one hour? Nothing is better at soothing a beer filled stomach on a 120 degree September day than a greasy hot dog stuffed with pepperoni. It's a sin they removed them from my life. I'm upset now.

Go Pokes