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Bedlam Baseball v0.9

Yes that's right boys and girls, it's Bedlam time. Sort of. Sure, your beloved Cowboys will battle those al qaeda loving (and 23rd ranked) Sooners, but it's a non-conference match. This comes about two weeks before the conference Bedlam series begins. I think this mid week series was started last year, with the Pokes playing in Norman, so this year the Sooners travel to Stillwater.

Slightly more after the jump...

This year Oklahoma brings an eight game winning streak into tonights contest, while the Cowboys have won three in a row. Taking the mound tonight for the Cowboys will be TBD (and that's awesome, cause's TB is a bitch to hit on), and for the Goon's it's TBD (god damn, twins). I only wrote that to show how fucking stupid mid week games are. Sure, it's Bedlam, and everyone cares, but for Christ sake guys, fill out a fucking roster. I'm so tired of seeing TBD every Tuesday morning. Weakness.

As a team the Pokes are laying wood (baseball slang, where anything goes baby) around .270, while the Sooners are batting around .275. I'd love to give you pitcher stat's, but I can't. It should be a good game tonight, and if you want to you're welcome to use this as a game thread.

The game is on for a fee, on 93.7 fm, or you can use the game tracker (if it's working) here.

Go Pokes