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Let's Get Pasted


My god it returns, the least regular links dump on the internet. I think it's like finding a dollar coin. Sure, it's still only worth a dollar, but the cool factor goes way up due to scarcity (unlike those bastard $2 bills, rotten whores). We have a something for everyone up today (even those of you who only stop by to take a break from porn). Let's roll:

David Ubben want's to know who will have the Big 12's best defense in 2012

Hell yes, we're on the list. Quick summary- sure, we sucked at a lot of things last year, but 44 turnovers is legit, and we should be speedy this year. Anybody else have wood?

Cowboy baseball extends it's home Bedlam winning streak to 30 years

And in the process earns their 3rd victory over a ranked team this year. We may not make the NCAA tournament, but we're on a 5 game winning streak going into the weekend. If we can keep this up we may have a chance.

Cowboy football get's another 2013 commitment from a child-beast

302 pound (junior, Jesus) offensive tackle Jack Kurzu announced his commitment today. Did I mention he's from St. Louis and MIssouri wanted him? Suck it assholes.

David Ubben (again) get's Justin Blackmon so whisper sweet nothing about OSU

Oh and he also mentions something called a "draft". I'm sure it's nothing.

The writers at the Oklahoman put their head's together and try to figure out who the next Cowboy quarterback will be

So that's like what, the collective brainpower of a trained monkey? At least they don't fling poo. I kid (sorta), but it's worth a few minutes of your day. The consensus seems to be that Walsh will be the guy, with Lunt behind him. I think it will be the reverse of that, but what do I know, I'm just a dick. I think part of the reason they haven't named a starter yet is to keep all three around for next year. I'm talking about Chelf obviously, but I kinda feel for the kid. Does everything right, and get's his balls crushed by two freshman.

For fair and balanced coverage, he's the Tulsa World's take on the quarterback situation

I think writing for either state paper is a lot like writing here at CRFF, except we have coke parties with strippers and they get press passes. But we still all have the same opinion on who will be the next Cowboy quarterback- someone.

Jenni Bryan and two others are leaving the Cowgirl basketball program

Peace ladies.

Cowgirl tennis stuns #6 Texas, get's ready for the Big 12 championship

Hell yes, beat those puke orange wearing sluts. Our orange is way better for so many reason, not the least of which is the fact you can use an OSU shirt to signal for help if you're ever trapped in the woods.

Meet Charlie Moore. He used to be a quarterback. And he's white

That may be a bit raciss, but damn if I knew that. Until Saturday I didn't know Charlie Moore was on the roster (I shouldn't admit that or they'll reduce my pay). Anyway, he's a good kid and has a shot at a monster year this season. Fuck now I have a full on boner.

Cowgirl soccer finishes the spring exebition season with a 5-1-1 record

And the shortest news blurb I've ever seen. I think I've written more in these two sentences. Go Girls.

Scientist finds the G-spot

I found that fucker years ago. Then I had a kid. And the quest began anew. Perhaps with this map I'll find that bitch.

Go Pokes