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Let's Get Pasted


Short but awesome links today, let's bust our collective nuts.

I promise, at some point soon, we'll say something about this, but for now here's the Oklahoman's take.

And the Tulsa world. Lunt looks stoned in this photo.

You know the story, Weeden was drafted and Cooper was picked up out of free agency, and now the teammates talk about playing together, still.

The Cowboys have also swept two straight series, and have climbed into a tie for third.

Anyiam, Adcock, Jones, Thomas, Garner, and Blatnick all sign free agent deals

Good stuff boys, good luck in "the league".

A collective "congrats" goes out to all Cowboys drafted, and free agents. I think Blackmon will make an immediate impact, I think Weeden can if they get any receivers around him (Cooper will help), and Tennessee needs safety's badly, so Martin could as well.

I'm going to guess CRFF's idea of "Lunt get's Cunt" won't make it, but a man can dream. Personally I voted for 2.

Go Pokes