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Athlon Sports Top 25: Cowboys Ranked 19th

The beginning of the return to Glendale.
The beginning of the return to Glendale.

The fellas over at Athlon Sports are doing a day of Oklahoma State coverage. Basically, they're getting their Oklahoma State nut, and giving you, our loyal readers (all 3 of you that are left) some amazing stuff to read. We have:

Team Preview 2012

Top 10 Players

Can OSU Win The Big 12 With A Freshman Quarterback? (my answer, yes, but you'll have to read for theirs)

Greatest Players Since 1967

Oklahoma State Cheerleader Gallery (you won't find an transvestite OU bitches here)

Greatest Moments In OSU History

2012 Predictions

I wanna give a big shout out and thanks to Rich over at Athlon, he clued us into all this OSU madness. So go ahead, check out Athlon's stuff (it's Columbian and pure), and then come back here to discuss it. I know us being ranked preseason just kills most Goon fans, so I'm just loving this. Just remember, throw the ball forward Landry, forward, and it works better.

Go Pokes