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Point-Counterpoint: The College Football Playoff

Don't turn around, Uh-oh.  The Kommisars in town, Uh-oh!
Don't turn around, Uh-oh. The Kommisars in town, Uh-oh!
Point: This is what college football has been waiting for. Finally, the NCAA has broken through to the doubting Thomases of the world and brought stability to an otherwise broken system: the BCS. No longer will there be uncertainty in crowning a college champion. No longer will we have to depend upon a unthinking, unfeeling machine to determine the best team in the land. Our government has saw fit to patch a gaping hole in our lives, and we say God (or whomever happens to be your personal deity) bless them for it. President Obama has officially fullfilled two 2008 campaign promises in this one very week! The president has, in the same 7-day span, given us healthcare for all Americans, and has brought a level of hope, change, and common sense to collegiate athletics. Re-election is assured. The BCS computer, who was no doubt going to takeover the world in some Terminator-esque scenario, has been unplugged. The Tickle Monster is safely behind bars. All is well in college footballland tonight.

Counterpoint: Today is a sunny day for socialism. It is no coincidence that our shadow nanny government has shoved two pinko commie rat-traps down our throat in the same week. The two highest courts (Supreme and NCAA court) in the land have ruled that good ole American capitalist moxie is out, and the government bossing you around is way-in. Socialized medicine and socialized college football. This will ruin the game, and when players get hurt they will have to go to some crummy, amateurish, second-rate gov'ment hospital for treatment. The uncertainty, redundant games, BCS computer bias, and competing bowls is what made college football great. The game used to metaphorically represent capitalism, the greatest teams rising above to fulfill their manifest destiny, and if success had as much to do with talent and winning as that team's historical dominance, well then hey, that's just the way of the world, bub. But it is all over now. All that tradition and meaning lost in the fold of the NCAA's silver-dollar lined umbrella. The Rose Bowl is doomed to be renamed the 1-800-Flowers.Com Bowl, OSU will somehow get screwed by Georgia Tech, and our old friend the BCS computer will be sold for parts. Mark my words: When you are peeling potatoes in the brig as punishment for thought-crime, you are going to miss that damned computer.