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Voice of the (stereo)Typical Fan - 7/10/12

CRFF gets a quote from a fanbase's most stereotypical fan.

Phil Steele published his annual bowl projections last week. What do you think?

Oklahoma Fan
"As it should be! Mark us down here every year! Tuck Fexas! BOOMER! Don't tell me to keep it down! .... You can't fire me, I quit! This is the 3rd worst Long John Silvers I ever worked at! NUMBER 8! SOONER!"

Texas Fan
"Totally agree, but Phil Steele is so played out. I was into his rankings like 8 years ago before anyone had heard of him. Keepin it authentically weird brosaphone."

West Virginia Fan
"Good news - Finally we get to go to a decent non-BCS bowl. Bad news - I might have to go to goddamn San Antonio?"

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