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Which player who did NOT win the Heisman is most deserving?


I'd like to let it be known that I 100% believe that the Heisman trophy is as worthless as the Billboard Top 100. It's a scam and if you don't believe that you should hurry up and get back to listening to "Call Me Maybe".

We've arrived at a point where a good player gets snubbed just about every year. In 2004, it was Matt Leinart over Adrian Peterson. In 2005 it was Reggie Bush over Vince Young. In 2003, we saw JASON WHITE over Larry Fitzgerald. The list goes on and on and on...

Unfortunately, the list doesn't really end. The Heisman snub has been happening for just about as long as the award has been given out.

Take Chris Weinke over Drew Brees. Yep. Some guy that most people don't know won the Heisman over one of the greatest college and NFL QB's of all time. What's worse is that fucking noodle armed hack from OU came in second. If there was ever a question that college football was rigged, 2000 would be the year to investigate. I digress...

What do you think? What player who did not win the Heisman is most deserving?

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