Useless amateur predictions for OSU football.

Since it seems EVERYONE is sharing their preseason predictions for OSU and the Big 12, I guess I'll take a stab at it...some serious...some maybe not...

2012 Lock of the Year...Wes Lunt as Big 12 Newcomer/Yr. Maybe someone like CJ Curry could get in there?

Most outlandish prediction #1...Wes Lunt takes Big 12 Offensive POY.

Most outlandish prediction #2...OSU controls its own destiny for the Big 12 title with 3 games left.

Defensive prediction #1...that side of the ball won't be as porous in 2012

Defensive prediction #2...that side of the ball won't be as takeaway happy in 2012

Defensive prediction #3...#1 &#2 will lead to about the same result as 2011

# of games before Monken gets "beeped"...this depends a bit on the media, but I say 0. There's got to be one good f-bomb in there for preseason practice.

# of memorable Monken quotes...24

Score of Bedlam...38-24 Cowboys. Stoops has lost the magic (not that he ever really had it), and Landry Jones has been exposed.

My favorite prediction from the media...Gina Mizell, Daily Ok...Landry Jones throws more interceptions than Wes Lunt.

Lamest prediction...Daily Ok OU beat writer Jason Kersy...Landry Jones as B12 Off POY. Seriously? I honestly believe Wes Lunt has a better shot at it.

When does CRFF go "boner?" Right after OSU thrashes the Longhorns and Lunt throws it all over the field.

How many KO returns for TD will Justin Gilbert deliver? 0...that's right...the new KO rules will wipe out 90+% of his opportunities. That really sucks.

Will Pistols Guy survive the season? Yes, given the previous prediction, unless Gilbert starts returning interceptions for touchdowns...

Does Clint Chelf see the field this season? I think he will have some chances, depending on how quickly games get out of hand. Savannah St is his best bet. JW is going to be the 2nd string guy, and will be getting some action during regular game activity.

Game I'm most worried about #1...West Virginia. The Red Bull Express has done it before in Stillwater.

Game I'm most worried about #2...Arizona. First game against Div 1 talent, on the road, FR QB. Never mind we've handled them pretty easily the last 2 times we met. Lot's of those guys are still there...

My final crazy, out of this universe prediction...OSU repeats as Big 12 champs. Seriously...the only teams we don't know about are TCU and WVU, and I'm not that concerned with TCU. The rest of the gang we can deal with. Honestly, who else besides WVU would you expect to potentially run us out of the building? Two "ifs"...if the defense is that improved (and Bill Young plays something other than prevent all season), and if Lunt comes as advertised, this team will once again be WAY better than ANYONE is expecting, and I don't see ANYONE in the league who will be decidedly better than them.

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