Cowboys about to set another mark for winning in 2012.

Since 2006, OSU has equalled or bettered their win total from the previous season. Probably a few folks took that bet in 2011. Any takers for pulling that off in 2012?

Not to worry...Gundy will lead OSU to another mark never before reached by this football program.

Seven winning seasons in a row.

Prior to 2011, per the athletic department's website, the Cowboys, since 1901, have reached a winning record in a maximum of 6 consecutive seasons.


That was during the Thurman Thomas/Barry Sanders/Hart Lee Dykes/Mike Gundy/Pat Jones tenure from 1983-88. And immediately following that, they launched into the worst losing streak in school history, recording 1 winning season in the next 13 ('60-71 saw 12 consecutive losing seasons but recorded a higher overall winning %).

They have twice before reached 5 successive winning campaigns ('29-33 and '72-76).

2011 marked the 6th winning season in a row ('06-11).

It was also the 9th winning season in the last 10 (previous best was 8 out of 10 from '79-88).

So even though we probably won't surpass the record we would all like to see eclipsed in 2012, OSU is likely to set another mark in this long run of Cowboy football success.

Obviously, that other school south of OKC would scoff at our eagerness to set such a mediocre mark.

Just for comparison...OU recorded 28 consecutive winning seasons, from '66-93. Longest streak without a winning season...6 ('29-34). The Sooners have recorded 10 or more consecutive winning seasons on 5 separate occasions. Only 2 coaches have held the post more than 5 years with 100% winning records...Switzer (16 yrs) and Stoops (13 & counting). The Soorners have only failed 10 times since 1937 to post a winning record.

But over the past 3 years...

  • OU is 30-10, 1 Big 12 title
  • OSU is 29-10 32-7, 1 Big 12 title (Thanks to CWKnox for the correction, and reminder about Big 12 titles)

I'm sorry...could you remind me again who the reigning Big 12 champions are?

Ok....never mind...